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January 4, 2023
family celebrating together

Building A Year of Traditions: Part 1

As the new year begins, your family may be looking back on the twelve months that have just passed as well as those that lie ahead in the New Year. When you think about the moments your family have spent together in 2022, which ones stand out as positive memories you will cherish for many years to come? Moreover, what moments are you looking forward to in 2023? 

It’s possible that your answers to both of these questions point to family traditions. A family tradition is a special ritual or event that is recreated on a yearly basis. Family traditions promote involvement and integration and strengthen the bonds between everyone who participates. 

For many families, traditions offer feelings of comfort and a sense of shared security. They can enrich family identity, boost well-being, and provide a focal point that brings everyone together on a regular basis. 

Creating Family Traditions with Your Children

Children in particular often benefit from celebrations that revolve around family traditions. As spontaneous as children may be, they thrive when they have a consistent routine and something to look forward to. 

Family traditions provide the structure children often crave and help them whether the changes that occur over the years. Simply knowing they will get together with family on a certain day to do something special can bring stability to their lives and form the basis for wonderful memories to be made. 

Of course, a family tradition isn’t something that has to be set in stone. Much like a gift, it is the thought that counts. As your children grow older, you can adapt your traditions to fit their preferences and needs. 

For example, you may want to sing Christmas carols in the comfort of your living room while your child is a toddler, but when they’re older you may feel like venturing out as a family to share that joy with the neighborhood. What matters is that the family comes together with the shared intention of spending time together, not the details of how and when things are done.

Just as family traditions can be flexible, they don’t have to be expensive or formal. It’s not even necessary to have a holiday attached in order to create a tradition. You can celebrate doing something, anything, together at any time of the year. 

That’s what makes traditions so magical – they’re uniquely yours to enjoy!

Building A Year of Traditions: The First Six Months

Your family can experience the magic of building traditions together all year long, so why not make 2023 the year that starts some wonderful traditions that can be repeated for many years to come? In this post, we’re listing a few ideas for the first six months of 2023. Check back with us in July for inspiration for creating traditions to fill the second half of the year!

Here’s an idea for each month. Don’t hesitate to make it truly your own, and get your kids involved in brainstorming to ensure they’re excited about each and every new tradition!

January: New Year’s Bucket List

Rather than coming up with resolutions that never come to pass, why not make a bucket list that you can accomplish as a family? You can include anything from crafts your children want to create to activities and outings they’ve been eager to try, or a specific number of books to read together. Post your bucket list up where the whole family can see it, and celebrate marking off each item!

February: Black History Month

Make February a month of learning and appreciation by focusing on Black History Month all month long. From watching movies about inspiring historical figures in the Civil Rights Movement to reading books about modern-day African American heroes, there are plenty of ways to make this month count. 

March: A Month of Meals

March can be the month your family tries a new meal every week. At the start of the month, you can collect a list of recipes together that you’d all like to try. Then, pick a day of the week to put each recipe to the test. You’re sure to end the month with some new family favorites and a ton of memories based around fun in the kitchen!

April: Visit a Museum

Be proactive about planning something to do during those famous April showers and choose a museum to visit as a family. Whether you decide to go to an art, history, or science museum, your children will have something to look forward to on those rainy days.

May: Nurture a Plant

Each year, choose a new tree, bush, or type of flower to plant and watch it grow for the rest of the year! Your children can learn more about the science of plants and the beauty of patience. Bonus – after a few years you’ll have a garden you’re all proud of.

June: Play Tourist

Your family doesn’t have to leave town to enjoy being a tourist during summer vacation. In fact, there are probably plenty of things to do in your local area that you’ve never thought of before. Pick a day to play tourist and see the sights in your own city!

Give our suggestions a try or mix and match to find the best set of traditions for your family to start this year. Don’t forget to check back for Part 2 in July for ideas that will last you through December!