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November 15, 2022
dad and child play on floor

How Busy Families Make Time for Each Other

As your kids get older, you may feel that your family is busier than ever. Finding time to simply hang out with your children may be tough when you’re shuttling them between playdates, trying to get dinner on the table, and ensuring they’re ready to doze off right at bedtime. However, your family’s busy schedule and ongoing to-do list shouldn’t get in the way of spending time together. 

When it comes to making time for each other, it’s all about making the most of the moments you have at your disposal. Below, we’ve listed our top tips for making sure you’re able to have plenty of quality time with your kids despite being constantly on-the-go.

1. Avoid multitasking.

Multitasking can divide your attention and rob you of the ability to be present with your children. Choosing a time during the day to turn off all screens in your home and focus on each other can make a big difference in your perception of your ability to find space for quality time. 

Whether you choose to make dinnertime a no-phones experience or opt for the hour leading up to bedtime, you’ll find that making the conscious decision to unplug can make all the difference.

2. Make small moments count.

There may be plenty of small moments throughout your day that feel like a waste of time, from sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office to being stuck in traffic. However, if your child is with you, these little tidbits of time can provide an excellent opportunity to bond with each other. 

Keep in mind that quality time is just that – it’s all about quality, not quantity. So, the next time you find yourself with a few minutes to spare, allow yourself to focus on being with your family rather than wishing time would speed up or making to-do lists in your head.

3. Pencil it in.

If your schedule doesn’t allow for making many small moments count because you spend large chunks of time away from your children, one of the best strategies you can try is penciling in quality time. This could be the thirty minutes each evening after you get home from work. Or consider setting aside special days you and your child can look forward to spending extended time with each other, such as the first Saturday of each month or every Friday evening. 

If you’re a pro at getting your to-do’s done, but are struggling to find space in your schedule for quality time, then adding this task onto your to-do list may be the best way to go. Adding a block of time for togetherness and fun won’t feel like more work to do. You’ll actually look forward to checking that item off your list.

4. Say yes.

Do you feel like you’re constantly having to put off meeting your child’s demand for your attention? If you find that you’re spending more time explaining why you can’t do something than actually spending time together, consider saying yes more often than no. 

A great way to do this is the “five minute rule.” Rather than saying “in five minutes” when your child asks you to play a special game or watch them do a new trick, say “Okay, but just for five minutes.” That way, you have a clearly defined amount of time to focus on each other, and they won’t feel they have to try as hard to get your attention all the time.

5. Make meal time together time. 

Eating is something everyone in your family does – multiple times a day, at that! Making sure mealtimes are spent together can be an organic way to enjoy quality time with each other. Even if it takes a little bit of effort to get everyone around the same table for thirty minutes, you’ll find that this becomes a routine your family looks forward to and offers some of the best opportunities for making precious memories together.

You’re not alone in feeling like you can never find time for the things that are actually important to you. In this day and age, feeling like time is passing you by has become the norm. We hope these tips allow you to think of ways to be in the present moment with your children, so you can enjoy each and every day you have with them.