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December 1, 2022

There’s So Much to Celebrate in December

As exciting as the countdown to December 25 is, it can be easy to overlook all the other things there are to celebrate in the month of December. If you feel the focus on unwrapping presents on Christmas morning has become a little too overwhelming for your family, introducing some other things to celebrate during this festive season can make all the difference. 

Fortunately, in addition to the bigger holidays that we all know and love, December also offers plenty of opportunities to celebrate the small joys in life. 

Need a bit of inspiration to make this month one that your family can spend together enjoying lots of memorable moments? Here are our favorite celebrations that are often overshadowed by some of the more major festivities.

December 1 – Rosa Parks Day

Rosa Parks Day was first celebrated over two decades ago and continues to be a holiday marked in honor of the civil rights leader. It marks the day she was arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat due to the color of her skin, an event that initiated the Montgomery Bus Boycott

Celebrating Rosa Parks Day with your children is a great way to help your children learn about this important time in American History. You can help them become familiar with the political and social changes that have taken place over the past century thanks to courageous individuals like Rosa Parks. You can also use this opportunity to talk about causes that are being fought for with bravery in the present day.

December 3 – Make a Gift Day

If it seems like much of your free time in December is devoted to buying gifts, aim to make December 3 the day that you and your children focus on gifts that you can make for others. Putting your heart into something you craft with your hands and giving it to someone you love is a true joy. In doing so, you can show your children that when it comes to gifts, it really is the thought that counts. Here are some ideas for homemade gifts.

December 5 – International Volunteer Day

Another gift that can be given in the month of December is the gift of time spent helping others. When the kids become a little too preoccupied with what Santa will bring, focusing their energy and attention outwards can make a big difference in their attitude. 

Unsure of which types of volunteer activities would be most appreciated in your community? Your local library, community center, or children’s hospital may have some tips on how you can make a difference.

December 7 – Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

As far back as World War II may seem for your children, it’s important to take the time to help them understand the attack on Pearl Harbor and the sacrifices made by veterans in the years that followed. As part of this history lesson, you could drive around to government offices in your area to point out the American flags kept at half-mast in remembrance of those who died during the attack. 

December 12 – Gingerbread House Day

Building a gingerbread house is a fun and delicious way to get your family in the holiday spirit. Whether you choose to invite friends over to create an entire gingerbread neighborhood or you spend this day with your children crafting a cute house they can nibble on throughout the month, you won’t regret establishing this sweet tradition!

Not really a baker? Check out this recipe for a gingerbread house made from graham crackers.

December 16 – National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

This holiday is celebrated on the third Friday of every month and is tons of fun. You can make your own ugly Christmas sweaters using iron-on designs and glitter glue, or you can go to the nearest second-hand store to hunt down the craziest sweater. 

December 21 – National Crossword Puzzle Day

Need a break from all the hustle and bustle of social events and last-minute errands before Christmas Day? Your family can hit pause by celebrating National Crossword Puzzle Day, an entire day devoted to the word game that’s loved worldwide. 

Make a competition out of who can finish their crossword puzzle the fastest, or work as a group to tackle a particularly challenging puzzle. You can also play related puzzle games such as Scrabble or Balderdash to really amp up the fun! Find printable crossword puzzles here.

December 28 – National Card Playing Day

In the lull between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, after all the presents have been opened and played with and extended family has gone home, it’s always a good idea to have something to look forward to. National Card Playing Day offers endless opportunities for fun and celebration. 

From playing classic card games and other deck-based games, such as UNO, to teaching each other card tricks and building a house of cards, your family can spend hours of fun quality time together thanks to this holiday!

Ready to discover more ideas for making the most of everything the month of December offers? From National Cupcake Day to Wright Brothers Day and National Twin Day, there really is something worth celebrating on nearly every day of this month!