Discovery Point Blog

June 27, 2016

Seven Fun and Educational Activities for Your Children This Summer

Making sure your children stay connected to the learning process during the summer months can have a significant positive impact on their performance in school next year and on their attitude toward the educational experience in general. At Discovery Point, we specialize in providing the most engaging learning experiences for your child. Our dedicated teachers and administrators are committed to helping every child reach his or her full potential. Here are seven fun and education activities for your children this summer, curated by our professional staff.

Take a Nature Hike

Planning a walk through the woods can provide you and your children with healthy exercise while providing opportunities to explore the natural world. Collecting leaves, recording animal sightings and discussing the growth cycles of various plants along your path can help your children learn valuable lessons that can be applied later in the academic setting.

Create a Marble Run

An elaborate marble run can be constructed with just a few household supplies, including cardboard tubes, tape and plastic cups. Creating these projects can provide your child with a clearer understanding of gravity, inertia and momentum. This can potentially inspire a lifelong interest in these basic concepts and can prepare your little one for the challenges of scientific discovery in the future.

Go Fly a Kite

Building and flying a kite can be an exciting experience for younger children. Inexpensive paper kites are available in most toy departments and can often be dismantled to provide a frame for your child’s original artworks. Be sure to fly your homemade creations well away from any power lines; avoiding trees can also provide added flying time for you and your children.

Make Your Own Musical Instrument

Cardboard tubes, rubber bands, canisters and boxes can be used to create a wide range of musical instruments right in your very own home. These projects can teach your child about acoustics and sound waves while providing an engaging activity that can potentially inspire a lifelong love of music and performance.

Explore Aerodynamics

Sturdy paper, glue, scissors and a little imagination can help you and your children create paper airplanes for testing in your backyard, a local park or a playground area. Experiment with different shapes, wing designs and angles to determine which fly the farthest and the straightest can help your child learn practical lessons about aerodynamics that could pave the way to a career in the scientific industry.

Plant a Garden

For families with available outdoor space, planting a garden can provide added insights into the ways in which plants grow from seeds into flowers and food sources. Your child will enjoy seeing the day-by-day progress of his or her handiwork. Gardening can also help children to develop patience, which can prove valuable in their later academic activities.

See Some Stars

Setting up a small telescope outdoors can provide your children with a clear view of the night sky. This can generate discussions about constellations, different types of stars and the rotation of the earth around the sun to create night and day. A visit to a planetarium can provide many of these same educational benefits for children in urban areas where city lights may reduce the visibility of the stars.

At Discovery Point, we take pride in delivering the best educational experiences for your child all year around. By supplementing our lineup of activities with these fun summer projects, you can challenge your child’s intellect even outside the academic setting.