State-Funded Pre-Kindergarten Program in Conyers

Enrolling your child in preschool can open an exciting world of possibilities and opportunities to learn. Local families love the state-funded pre-kindergarten program at Discovery Point Conyers because we make learning fun. Children look forward to coming to our center because we engage them individually and spark their curiosity. We will partner with your family to support your child’s learning needs.

Children aged 4 and 5 can benefit from the pre-kindergarten program at Discovery Point Conyers. Our Pre-K program is specially designed to meet the developmental needs of children in the pre-kindergarten age range. Additionally, our teachers have been trained to provide early childhood education. At this age, children need a balance of cognitive stimulation, physical activity, emotional support, and social development to make them successful learners. 

Our fun and stimulating Pre-K program aims to:

  • Create an enthusiasm for learning with active and educational play
  • Engage children in a variety of ways to meet individual learning needs
  • To be a second home for children where they feel loved and nurtured
  • Provide an environment where children are able to have fun while learning

Objectives of Our State-Funded Pre-Kindergarten Program in Conyers

The overall objective of our pre-kindergarten program is to help children in Conyers get ready for the transition from preschool to kindergarten. That being said, children in our program develop skills which will not only help them in school, but throughout their lifetime. 

At Discovery Point Conyers, we help children grow through the use of:

  • Writing, creative storytelling, and books to support literacy
  • Self-help skills to help children become more independent
  • Structured physical activity and outdoor play help with fine motor skills
  • Working in small and large groups helps children develop socially
  • Support with language development through music and dramatic play
  • Our use of science and math lessons help children grow cognitively

Schedule a Tour at Discovery Point Conyers Today

At Discovery Point Conyers, we invite you to come in and tour our pre-kindergarten program. You can meet with our director to learn more about our Georgia Lottery-funded program and ask questions. We will show you around our center, including our age-separated playgrounds and our bright classrooms. You will also have an opportunity to meet some of our friendly teachers. While here, you will notice the safety measures we have in place to protect children in our care.

Call Discovery Point Conyers today at (770) 918-1888 to schedule a tour of our Pre-K center and learn more about our pre-kindergarten program.

Boy playing with Lego at our pre-kindergarten program in Conyers