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July 12, 2021
Two children at Our Preschool in the Almon Area

Preschool in the Almon Area

Searching for the perfect preschool in the Almon area can be a daunting task. You want to make sure your child will learn and have fun while preparing for their educational career. At Discovery Point Conyers, we provide comprehensive child care. Keep reading below to learn about our program and the unique approach we offer.

Hands-On Learning at Our Preschool Near Almon

Our preschool program features our unique, hands-on approach to educating children ages 2 to 4. This approach allows us to embrace their natural curiosity and activity levels and provide interactive learning opportunities. Keeping our students engaged and excited throughout the day helps them fall in love with learning.

We use the following techniques in our preschool program for the Almon area:

  • Language development through dramatic play, conversation, and music
  • Group activities and play time encourage social skill development
  • Creative expression with arts and crafts projects
  • Literacy development through reading and writing
  • Activities to boost self-esteem and confidence
  • Outdoor play and exercise for physical development

Your child will have their own student portfolio while in our program. This will contain information about their growth and development throughout the year. Because our teachers track each child’s progress, it is easy for them to tailor the curriculum and activities as needed.

Another aspect that factors into our hands-on approach is the atmosphere of our preschool program in the Almon area. Our classrooms have been designed to allow plenty of room for learning, exploration, and play. The open layout also offers maximum visibility for our teachers as well. The room holds age-appropriate toys and materials for safe use by our students.

Local Care at Discovery Point Conyers

Discovery Point Conyers is locally owned and operated. Our team of local individuals has a passion for providing comprehensive programs for children in our community and the neighboring areas. If your little one is ready to begin their educational career in our preschool program, contact us for more information! We serve families in Almon, Conyers, and the surrounding areas.

To learn more about us, we encourage you to schedule a tour of our child care center. Simply call us or stop by to set up your free tour. This will allow you to see our programs in action and experience the child-friendly design of our classrooms. We can also answer any questions you have about our programs.

Call Discovery Point Conyers at (770) 918-1888 for more information about our preschool near Almon.