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June 18, 2021
Teacher and children at Child Care at Discovery Point in the Porterdale Area

Child Care in the Porterdale Area: Getting to Know Our Curriculum

As you consider child care in the Porterdale area, you want to find comprehensive programs that will meet your child’s needs. Our programs at Discovery Point Covington East do just that. We offer daily child care programs that have a focus on education. Read on for more details about our programs and the curriculum we use.

About Our Curriculum for Child Care Near Porterdale

To ensure our students receive age-appropriate education and care, we incorporate two research-based curriculums. This also helps us create comprehensive programs that include various subject areas and learning opportunities for our students.

Our proprietary curriculum is our own Discovery Point Connections®. Using this curriculum as the basis of our programs helps us encourage language and literacy development. It also covers other subjects to keep our programs well-rounded. Here are some key elements of our Discovery Point Connections® curriculum:

  • Reading aloud encourages vocabulary development
  • Themed units each week with coordinating reading selections
  • Focus on increasing attention span and encouraging use of imagination
  • Inclusion of other subjects, like science, math, art, and social studies
  • Adaptable content for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers

In addition, we have partnered with Teaching Strategies® to use their Creative Curriculum® systems. Created by the national leader in early childhood education, these curriculum systems focus on interactive learning for young children. Here are some unique qualities of the Creative Curriculum® systems:

  • Hands-on activities, experiments, and games
  • Opportunities to build critical thinking skills
  • Based on scientific research and child development theory
  • Systems for infants, toddlers, and two-year-olds
  • Separate system for preschool program

Local Child Care at Discovery Point Covington East

At Discovery Point Covington East, we take pride in providing everything your child needs throughout the day. From one-on-one interaction, to quality care and education, we offer a safe and inspirational atmosphere for your little one. Our programs are available to families in Porterdale, Covington, Newton Ridge, and throughout the surrounding areas.

Our location offers free tours to help new families get acquainted with our programs. You will be able to experience our programs in action, as well as see our classrooms and play areas. If you would like to schedule a tour, simply call us or stop by to set one up at your convenience.

Call Discovery Point Covington East today at (770) 787-9199 for more information about our child care in the Porterdale area.