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Child Care in Marietta, GA

Providing Child Care for Infants to School-Aged Children

At Discovery Point Kennesaw Due West, our child care center in Marietta, GA continues a 30-year tradition of excellent child care services. Since Discovery Point Child Development Centers were founded, we have been positively impacting the lives of children and have given them a solid foundation for learning, growth, and exploration. 

Our child care center serves as an extension of the attention, affection, and care your child receives at home. Every aspect of our programs, from our nationally-recognized curriculum and certified teachers to our USDA-approved menu and secure facilities, is designed with your child’s care, safety, health, and well-being in mind.

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Experience the Discovery Point Difference in Marietta, GA

Families throughout the Marietta, GA area who rely on Discovery Point Kennesaw Due West for their child care needs experience the following:

  • Care at a Georgia Quality Rated Center
  • Low student-to-teacher ratios
  • Educated Teachers with credentials 
  • CPR and First-Aid certified staff
  • Three lottery-funded GA Pre-K classes
  • After-school programs
  • Age-separate play areas
  • Holiday performances & parties
  • Free, on-site notary
  • Parent’s night out six times per year
  • Summer camp opportunities
  • Enrichment programs

These represent just a few of the benefits of enrolling your child at our child development center in Marietta. Our owners are actively on-site, overseeing the function and safety of our center, and every month, our center undergoes an inspection to ensure the quality and safety of our care. Our building contains a single secured entrance to limit outside access, and we practice vigilant visitor ID screening so parents can have confidence that every individual inside our center has the right to be there.

In addition to safety and security, we offer plenty of opportunities for play and exploration in a nurturing environment. We aim to give each of our students the individualized care and instruction that they deserve, providing them with the support that they need to develop important skills as well as positive self-esteem and confidence. Our developmentally appropriate lesson plans encourage children to follow their natural curiosity as it leads them to explore new ideas and engage in new experiences. Our center is also an excellent space for building relationships and making new friends, helping children develop their social skills from early on.

Learn more about the benefits that Discovery Point Kennesaw Due West can provide for your child. We welcome you to contact us at (770) 218-3114 to set up a free, no-obligation tour of our child care center in Marietta, GA.