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November 25, 2020
two children eating a meal at full time daycare in Marietta

Our Full Time Daycare in Marietta

At Discovery Point Kennesaw Due West, we offer a wide range of child care options for different age groups, including a full time daycare program. Our child care center in the Marietta area provides a safe and fun environment where children can count on receiving the individualized support they need to achieve developmental milestones and build confidence.

Through an educational approach to child care that makes learning an exciting adventure, we help students follow their natural curiosity and build crucial skills. Our passionate instructors have the resources needed to assist each and every one of our students as they grow into unique individuals.

Highlights of Our Full Time Daycare Program

Children often view our child care center as an extension of their homes. That’s because we make a point of offering nurturing care and plenty of one-on-one attention. As we provide a safe space where children feel comfortable to be themselves, students can focus on developing relationships with their peers and learning more about the world around them.

Our full time child care program offers a range of benefits, including:

  • A facility custom-built with safety in mind. Our building was constructed from the ground up with child safety and security as the number-one priority. Its design incorporates a variety of safety features to give parents peace of mind. These include open floor plan classrooms for plenty of visibility, limited building access, a keypad-locked entrance, and age-separate play areas.
  • An inspiring approach to education. By learning through play, education becomes more memorable for children. Our instructors utilize the Creative Curriculum® system developed by Teaching Strategies® to initiate hands-on activities that keep children mentally and physically engaged with the learning process.
  • Frequent quality assurance checks. In order to ensure we’re always providing the level of high-quality care our students deserve, our child care center undergoes monthly quality assurance evaluations.

Tour Our Child Care Center in Marietta!

Learn more about joining the Discovery Point Kennesaw Due West family today! Book a free, no-obligation tour of our child care center to see what we’re all about.

Families living throughout the following areas are welcome to visit our center:

  • Marietta
  • West Cobb
  • Brookstone
  • Due West
  • Oregon Park
  • Lost Mountain
  • West Hampton
  • Burnt Hickory 
  • And neighboring communities

Call us at Discovery Point Kennesaw Due West today at (770) 218-3114 to reserve a free tour, or simply stop by our child care center in the Marietta area for details about our full time daycare program.