All missions are possible at Discovery Point!

Mission: Possible!

From solving mysteries to cracking secret codes, campers will learn what it takes to be a spy!  Their missions include American Revolution spy tactics, coding, an escape room, and more!

Spy Kids
Campers kick off the summer by learning what spies do, along with solving a mystery!

Campers will receive their first Top Secret Mission for the summer, learn about real spy gadgets, and create their own spy kits!

Brain Power
Spies need to always have their thinking caps on to stay a step ahead of the competition!  Campers will work on mind games and learning activities that will boost their brain power!

Build It
Just like spy lairs are full of spy inventions, campers can design and build original creations!

American Revolution
This week has an historical spin as campers use techniques from George Washington’s spy ring!

Creating Code
Campers will learn basic computer coding skills through hands-on activities, team-building games, and individual problem-solving fun!

Spy Game
Listen up campers!  Focus on verbal and visual clues to solve riddles and puzzles.

Escape Room
Each daily challenge will be a step toward an end-of-the-week escape room type of challenge!

The best spies work with a team – campers learn the importance of working together!

Mix It Up
Let’s get physical!  Our brains work best when our body is in motion!  It’s a topsy turvy adventure to close out our summer of spy work!

Discover a Summer Camp Full of Possibilities!

Summer is an exciting time in every child’s life—full of fun, friends, play, new experiences, and adventures! Everyone deserves cherished memories from their childhood summers. At Discovery Point, we want to become part of your child’s most beloved memories. Our summer camp programs are an exciting way for your child to get the most out of their vacation from school with plenty of learning, field trips, and fun.

Discovery Point hosts a number of summer camps, allowing children the opportunity to enjoy new experiences and adventures! Every Discovery Point Child Development Center offers unique summer camps and enrichment programs, so be sure to call your local facility to learn more about the programs in your area.

Our summer camps include a number of exciting opportunities, including:

  • Cooking projects
  • Physical fitness challenges/activities
  • Science experiments
  • Hands-on activities
  • Field trips to local attractions, historical landmarks, museums, and parks
  • Weekly lesson themes
  • Engaging, educational talks from teachers and guest speakers
  • Fun competitions
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