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July 17, 2019
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5 Ways We’re Different from Other Franchise Childcare Centers

Currently, the U.S. childcare industry is in a period of steady, sustained growth. That’s put a spotlight on franchise childcare centers like Discovery Point. If you’re looking to join the childcare industry, a franchise offers a much easier point of entry than starting an independent childcare center.

However, once you’ve decided to pursue a franchise, you still need to choose the right franchise opportunity.

As with any other industry, you’ll find a wide range of franchise childcare centers. Each one offers its own business model and a distinct approach to childcare. To find the right franchisor, you’ll need to find a brand that shares and supports your vision, while offering a rock-solid, growth-friendly business model.

At Discovery Point, we stand apart from other franchise childcare and daycare centers in a number of different ways. Our franchisees enjoy a turnkey business model, rigorous training, and expert support, eliminating many of the friction points that you’d normally face when starting a childcare business. We also have our own proprietary literature and language-based curriculum and are backed by a nationally recognized supplementary curriculum, distinguishing Discovery Point from other childcare brands. What’s more, your franchise can double as a real estate investment.

Trying to decide which childcare franchise to buy? Here’s a closer, point-by-point look at what makes Discovery Point different from other franchise childcare centers.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Franchise Childcare Centers

#1. Turnkey Franchise Model

Unless you’re already familiar with the industry, starting a childcare business comes with a steep learning curve. Daycare centers face rigorous licensing requirements in terms of physical space, health and safety, and early childhood education. Then there’s the matter of acquiring or constructing your center, outfitting it with the equipment you need, hiring qualified staff, and developing a quality model of care.

At Discovery Point, we simplify this process through our turnkey franchise model. We oversee site selection, center construction, and training. Our franchise system also includes start-to-finish support for center development and, upon opening, each center is fully furnished with all of the necessary supplies.

#2. Corporate Support & Guidance

Our experienced team is available for operational and marketing support. We provide franchisees with four weeks of intensive in-person classroom and onsite new-owner training. Thanks to our rigorous and continuous corporate support, we can guide you through every major decision when developing your location.

We help you develop your business to tailor it for your location, we help recruit high-quality staff, we help market your business to local parents and new customers, and we conduct regular quality assurance tests.

#3. Nationally Recognized Curriculum

In addition to licensing, training, and center development, Discovery Point also provides each location with our proprietary literature and language-based Discovery Point Connections® curriculum. We also offer the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum® from Teaching Strategies, which combines a focus on fun and creative play with early childhood education.

This curriculum is a big part of why so many parents choose Discovery Point locations over other franchise childcare centers. Our curriculum’s focus on learning is perfect for parents who understand the importance of early childhood education. But unlike some other education-based childcare franchises, we place an equal emphasis on play and exploration.

#4. Real Estate Investment

With the growth trajectory of the childcare industry, franchise childcare centers can deliver an excellent return on your initial investment. But with a Discovery Point franchise, you can take your investment even further. That’s because we offer franchisees the option of owning their site and their center.

This way, your franchise doubles as a real estate investment. As a franchise investment, your location can provide a lucrative ongoing revenue stream. Plus, we’re the only childcare franchise with a flat fee system (vs. fees based on a percentage of your total sales). With Discovery Point, you get to keep more of your profits. Meanwhile, your property will give you investment security and generate long-term equity. 

#5. 30+ Years of Experience

The first Discovery Point childcare center opened in 1988. Now, more than 30 years later, we remain one of the largest and most successful childcare brands in the Southeast. Few other franchise childcare centers can match our experience or equal our pedigree.

Our experience has proven invaluable in developing our turnkey franchise offering, complete with strong corporate support and top-of-the-line curriculum. We lend that experience to our franchisees, who also benefit from the trust and name recognition that Discovery Point has developed over the past three decades.

Learn more about our turnkey franchise childcare centers and how to own a Discovery Care franchise! Call 770-623-1140 today to speak with our team and request detailed information.