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June 9, 2022
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Looking for a Top Child Care Franchise?

If you’re looking for a top child care franchise, choose a franchise that has spent decades helping children thrive while also supporting center owners in running successful businesses. Here at Discovery Point, we’ve been building a franchise brand families trust since 1988

We understand the value that a top child care franchise can have both for the early development of children and for entrepreneurs who want to enjoy the benefits of business ownership while working to help families in their communities. When you become part of our franchise family, you can experience the excitement of supporting children in their learning and growth as you grow into your new role as a child care professional with our experienced support.

Choose a Franchise Brand with Exciting Child Care Programs

Discovery Point franchisees can look forward to providing a range of child development programs that are focused on expanding children’s horizons and promoting early education. These programs, available for infants to 12-year-olds, are provided in an environment that has been curated to allow for learning through exploration and play. 

As a result, Discovery Point programs aim to make a positive impact on children’s social, intellectual, and emotional growth. We strive to position children for success in their academic efforts by facilitating a lifelong love of learning.

Choose a Top Child Care Franchise Focused on Safety and Security

At Discovery Point, we know that for parents, child safety is paramount. That’s why we help our franchisees create centers built specifically with safety and security in mind. 

Whether you choose to build a Discovery Point center from scratch or purchase a resale location, your facility will be custom-designed with crucial security features that not only suit local safety regulations but also ensure the safety of every student. From fingerprint check-in technology, rigid cleaning and disinfecting procedures, and selection of developmentally appropriate playground equipment, you can count on our experienced team to assist you with all aspects of making your child care center a safe and healthy space.

Choose a Name in Educational Child Care with Proprietary Curriculum 

If you want to ensure your child care business is focused on early childhood development, then choosing a top child care franchise with an exceptional curriculum is key. At Discovery Point, we’ve gone above and beyond to design a proprietary curriculum package that concentrates on developing children’s passion for reading early on in their lives. 

Called Discovery Point Connections®, this curriculum uses current children’s literature and language to build a foundation for learning including math, science and social skills. It also brings stories to life to show children the magic of the written word and the power of literature. The Discovery Point Connections® curriculum and teacher training in its implementation are both included as part of our comprehensive franchise packages. 

Choose to Make a Smart Investment with Your Franchise Location

Your child care center can represent both business investment and a real estate investment when you choose to purchase your center’s building and land. At Discovery Point, we know this option helps our franchisees gain greater investment security and accrue long-term equity benefits. By partnering with a top child care franchise that enables you to own the real estate on which your business is located, you can set yourself up for a more comfortable financial future.

Choose a Quick Start and Turn a Profit Faster

We can help you build a child care business from the ground up if you have a specific location in mind. However, if you want to get started with running a business as quickly as possible, you can opt to purchase one of our resale locations

With a resale, you can jump into the position of business owner with a fully operational center already staffed and full of children, shortening the path to successful ownership.

Do you want to hear more about what makes Discovery Point an excellent choice for a child care franchise? Just give our franchising team a call today at 770-623-1140. We would love to discuss our top child care franchise opportunities with you!