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January 26, 2023
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Everything You Need to Know About Our Daycare Business

When you choose to invest in a Discovery Point® daycare business, you’ll have the confidence of working with a franchise brand whose main goal is to make the experience of child care an overwhelmingly positive one for children, their parents, and entrepreneurs. Our child care centers offer spaces in which children can pursue the magic of an early education and benefit from support as they grow socially and intellectually. 

We are excited to partner with prospective business owners who take inspiration from our vision for child care and help them operate a daycare business that forms a thriving part of their local community. Below, we’ve listed some of the most crucial things you need to know about our daycare business to determine if our franchise opportunities could be the right fit for you personally and professionally.

Our Daycare Business has a Long History of Success

We’re proud to be a daycare business with a long history of success that has had the opportunity to build an outstanding reputation in communities across numerous states. When Cliff and Diane Clark opened the first Discovery Point location in 1988, their mission was to provide the high-quality child care services they knew families in their local neighborhood were looking for. This mission led them to create a nurturing space that allowed children to follow their curiosity while building the foundation for a lifelong education.

As the Discovery Point brand grew to over 50 locations across the southeastern United States, we have stuck to this initial vision of child care. We look forward to helping entrepreneurs who are passionate about working with families bring high-quality child care to their own communities when they become owners of a Discovery Point franchise.

Our Educational Focus and Proprietary Curriculum 

To implement our mission of providing educational child care services, we knew that working with an exceptional curriculum would be key. We eventually took the leap to develop our own proprietary curriculum package called Discovery Point Connections®. 

This curriculum focuses on helping children develop a passion for reading and learning at an early stage of their lives. By leveraging the power of literature and bringing stories to life, this curriculum also helps build a solid foundation for academic success in other areas, such as math and science. 

The Discovery Point Connections® curriculum is included in our franchise package, so you won’t need to worry about vetting programs for your center. The children you care for, and their families, can look forward to taking advantage of the doors this approach to learning opens.

Our Franchise Opportunities are Also Real Estate Investments

One reason smart entrepreneurs are drawn to our franchise opportunities is that they know they’re not just investing in a business when they purchase a Discovery Point franchise. They’re also making a real estate investment that will pay off in the long run. 

Discovery Point owners have the chance to invest in prime real estate locations and enjoy complete ownership of both their child care centers and the land where the building is located. This offers a greater sense of security, long-term equity benefits, and a more rewarding experience of being a business owner.

Our Daycare Business Offers Everything Parents are Looking For

Our years of experience in the industry have shown us what families prioritize when they seek out a local daycare business. We’ve incorporated these elements into our business model so each of our locations remains attractive to parents and offers the same level of high-quality child care services as the next. 

For example, we focus on child safety when constructing custom-designed facilities, covering every detail from keypad-locked entrances to safety around electrical outlets and playground equipment. We also take a proactive approach to promoting childrens’ health and well-being by serving nutritious meals prepared in our on-site kitchens.

Our Franchise Packages are Comprehensive

Discovery Point franchisees don’t only have the advantage of operating a daycare business under a well-established brand name. They also have an easier time of getting their businesses up and running thanks to our comprehensive franchise packages. 

Our turnkey business model ensures everything franchisees require at the outset, from essential furniture and classroom supplies to support with licensing and teacher training, is provided. This approach minimizes the risk that you’ll run into obstacles while opening your business and gives you a head start in turning a profit compared to starting a daycare business independently.

Discovery Point Owners are Given the Freedom to Thrive

While you can rely on us to help you make your daycare business successful, we still want to make sure you’re in the lead when it comes to running your business. You’ll have the freedom to personalize your center and cater to the interests and needs of your community. At the same time, you can always look to our team for experienced support with anything that comes your way.

You can learn more about opening a daycare business with Discovery Point today! Contact us at 770-623-1140 for additional information about becoming a franchisee