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September 11, 2019
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How the Best Daycare Franchise Opportunities Approach Curriculum

If you’re thinking about buying a daycare franchise, how do you assess the best daycare franchise opportunities?

You can start by looking at the numbers for items like expected investment, royalty rates, and average earnings for franchisees. But in the daycare industry, these numbers only tell part of the story.

To really understand what you’re getting with a daycare franchise, you need to look at their curriculum. 

Today’s parents know the importance of early childhood development. When they’re looking for daycare, they seek out providers with effective, research-based curriculum.

This makes curriculum a crucial part of the best daycare franchise opportunities. By choosing a franchisor with a strong curriculum, your franchise will have the foundation it needs to attract parents.

The Importance of Daycare & Early Childhood Curriculum

At this point, there’s little dispute regarding the importance of early childhood development. Experiences and environments are highly formative for young children, shaping who they are, the way they think, and how they interact with the world.

What’s more, a wealth of research has linked high-quality daycare and early childhood curriculum with positive outcomes for children. These outcomes include benefits for cognitive and social development, with both immediate and long-term gains.

The best daycare centers — and, by extension, the best daycare franchise opportunities — understand how impactful early childhood curriculum can be.

Proven Impact on Cognitive & Social Skills

Several studies have been conducted on the impact that daycare curriculum can have on cognitive and social skills. Almost universally, these studies have found that high-quality daycare has clear benefits for young children.

Children who attend high-quality child care outperform their peers in language and math comprehension. They also perform better in social situations, including interactions with both adults and other children.

Immediate & Long-Term Gains for Children

Studies have also shown that the benefits of attending last long after children have completed daycare.

According to one study by the University of Texas at Austin, high-quality daycare helps children prepare for school in middle childhood. Researchers found that children who attended high-quality daycare programs had an easier transition to Kindergarten than their peers.

Meanwhile, multiple studies have shown that these effects last well into teen years and early adulthood. Researchers have linked daycare with stronger academic performance in high school and post-secondary education, as well as to lower rates of juvenile delinquency in these years.

Curriculum Defines the Best Daycare Franchise Opportunities 

Clearly, the right curriculum has a significant impact on children. Parents know this, choosing daycare providers based in large part on the quality of their curriculum. As a result, the right curriculum has an even bigger impact on the best daycare franchise opportunities.

If you’re researching different daycare franchise brands, you’ll see how important they consider curriculum. Look at practically any list of the best daycare franchise opportunities, then research the curriculums used by these brands. With few exceptions, you’ll find that these brands take a rigorous and research-based approach to curriculum.

You’ll also find that many of the best daycare franchise opportunities explicitly define themselves through their curriculum. It’s what makes them attractive to parents. And in turn, it’s what makes them attractive as franchise opportunities.

The Discovery Point Approach to Early Childhood Curriculum

To understand the importance of curriculum to the best daycare franchise opportunities, look no further than Discovery Point.

All Discovery Point child care centers use our proprietary Discovery Point Connections® curriculum, as well as the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum® by Teaching Strategies®.

Our unique early childhood curriculum distinguishes us from other daycare brands, providing children with a fun, engaging, and evidence-based approach to cognitive and social development.

Discovery Point Connections®

Discovery Point Connections® is based on research linking education outcomes to time spent hearing books read aloud. This proprietary curriculum harnesses the power of storytelling to foster literacy,  language comprehension, and a lifelong love of reading.

Each week, we feature a piece of children’s literature, which serves as the basis for that week’s thematic unit. These thematic units encourage social skills, scientific inquiry, music and movement, artistic expression, and cognitive development in language, math, and social studies.

Creative Curriculum® by Teaching Strategies

In addition to Discovery Point Connections®, our child care centers use Creative Curriculum® by Teaching Strategies. For children under 24 months, we use the Creative Curriculum® System for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos, while older children receive instruction using Creative Curriculum® for Preschool.

Creative Curriculum® is nationally recognized and grounded in scientific research and early childhood development theory, with a framework built around hands-on exploration and discovery. 

Since opening our first center in 1988, Discovery Point’s commitment to curriculum — and to providing each child with a nurturing, supportive environment for growth and learning — has helped make us one of the best daycare franchise opportunities for over 30 years!

Call 770-623-1140 today for Discovery Point franchise information and learn more about how our curriculum makes us one of the best daycare franchise opportunities.