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March 29, 2022
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Best Franchise? How Discovery Day Can Help You Decide

Purchasing a franchise may be one of the biggest investments you ever make – not only financially, but also in terms of time and energy. Thus, it’s crucial to choose the best franchise for your aims and your values. After all, buying a franchise business is in many ways the equivalent of joining a family. Only by doing your due diligence, and making sure these are the people you want to work alongside for the foreseeable future, can you make certain you are taking the right next step.

How the Best Franchise Approaches Discovery Day

Discovery Day gives you the opportunity to get to know the franchise company, including the individual members of the support team and other franchisees. During this event, you can get a better feel for whether they are the right match for you and your goals. 

At Discovery Point, we use this day as an opportunity to introduce franchises to our corporate support team and take them on visits to local area centers. We believe this meeting is not only essential for entrepreneurs who are interested in opening a Discovery Point center; it is also a chance for our team to develop relationships and determine which potential owners share our values and will uphold the reputation of our brand.

Where Discovery Day Fits Into Your Journey to Business Ownership

We have potential franchisees take part in Discovery Day early on in the road to business ownership; in fact, it is Step 4 of our 10-step process to owning a Discovery Point franchise location. After submitting an online inquiry form, participating in an introductory call with our franchise team, undergoing a background check, and receiving the FDD, you will be invited to attend Discovery Day. 

During Discovery Day, we will take you to our centers in the area, so you can get an up close and personal look at how Discovery Point locations are run — as well as start making connections with existing franchisees. You’ll have the opportunity to ask deeper questions and get a feel for the company culture. 

We always encourage participants to take notes and welcome their significant others to join. Our goal is to help you gain a clear picture of what you can expect as a franchisee, so you can determine whether our franchise is the best franchise for you.

What to Consider During Discovery Day

Discovery Day gives you the chance to go beyond the basic information you can find online and the questions you had answered during your introductory call. We’re here to both understand where you are coming from and help you visualize how owning a Discovery Point center can fit into your vision for the future. 

That’s why we take the time to connect you with existing franchisees who can give you their perspective on business ownership and explain their journey to success. Additionally, you’ll see in action the many forms of support you can look forward to as a franchisee, as well as the logistical side of running a business. As you get your questions answered and interact with our team members, you’ll learn just how passionate we are about what we do and the lengths we go to help our franchisees thrive.

What to Do After Discovery Day

Discovery Day shouldn’t be a high-pressure sales situation, and the best franchises will never put you on the spot during these visits. At Discovery Point, we believe the best decisions are made not only after plenty of research but after all that information has had the chance to be absorbed and digested. 

We always encourage Discovery Day participants to return home, talk over their experience with their families and professional counsel, and sit with everything they have learned about our franchise. If any additional questions arise in the meantime, our team is here to give you the information you need to make a decision with confidence.

Discovery Day can help you determine which is the best franchise brand for you to partner with. If you’d like to learn more about what Discovery Point has to offer and start the journey to your own Discovery Day with us, contact us today at 770-623-1140 to take the first step towards owning a child care franchise.