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March 10, 2022
best franchise to own

The Best Franchise to Own Comes with Comprehensive Support

At Discovery Point, we know that business success isn’t dependent on a brand name. While having the backing of a recognized and reputable brand is an important step in the right direction, what’s equally crucial is high-quality support from industry experts. Having someone you can depend on to ensure you navigate around common pitfalls will enable you to get a running start to your business. Moreover, the best franchise to own is one that comes with plenty of support throughout the entire journey of running a business. When you have an experienced team to turn to if an issue arises, you’ll have a much greater level of confidence and security as you live your dream of being a business owner.

Because we believe comprehensive support is vital to the success of a business, we include ample forms of support in our turnkey business opportunities. When you become a franchisee with Discovery Point, you’ll feel guided and supported from day one. As a result, you can open a business in child care whether you have previous experience in the industry or simply a heart for working with children and families.

Types of Support the Best Franchise to Own Offers

When it comes down to the nitty gritty details, the best franchise to own is one that wants you to succeed and will help you thrive. Below, we’ve listed some of the different forms of support you can benefit from as a franchisee with Discovery Point.

Support with Real Estate and Center Construction

With nearly 50 Discovery Point locations across the Southeast United States, we have significant experience with selecting the right properties for our centers. Our franchisees can embrace the opportunity to make a real estate investment as part of their business investment, providing long-term equity. 

In addition, we offer guidance with every aspect of site selection and center construction. From property size and zoning to visibility and demographic analysis, we’ll cover all of the bases to make sure your business has an ideal location that offers a foundation for success. 

After your site has been selected, our support continues as we lead the construction process, including obtaining the necessary permits and hiring the right contractors. We will supervise the project the whole way through, so you can focus on other aspects of getting your business up and running. Our support during this critical time ensures a low-stress startup phase.

In-Depth Training for a Solid Start

We give Discovery Point owners a chance to experience the day-to-day rhythm of running a child care center before ever opening their doors, helping them develop the skill set and knowledge base to hit the ground running. Our four-week training program covers state regulations, operations, staff scheduling, advertising, and other subjects specific to the industry. We also provide extensive training for management staff and lead teachers to ensure the center’s whole team is on the same page before opening day.

Support with Marketing and Advertising

When you’re focused on meeting the needs of the children at your center, it’s easy to overlook the need to market your center to the community. We are proud to offer the marketing support our franchisees need to expand the reach of their centers and ensure families in the area are aware of the services they offer. Our comprehensive approach to marketing positions each Discovery Point location for increased visibility and builds excitement in the local community to encourage optimal enrollment.

Start-Up Packages and Ongoing Support

At Discovery Point, we provide a comprehensive start-up package for franchisees that includes everything they need to get their centers set up and ready for opening. The equipment included in this package ranges from kitchen supplies to toys to playground equipment. Everything your center needs to open on day 1 is included and is even off-loaded by professional movers. 

We also provide a detailed floor plan to ensure everything is arranged according to licensing requirements. Our operations team then conducts a pre-state inspection to confirm your center is fully prepared for your state licensing inspection and opening day.

This initial visit is just the beginning of ongoing visits designed to help franchisees reach their potential and operate their centers most effectively. Our Quality Assurance team conducts regular visits with every Discovery Point location to offer individualized assistance with daily operations and paperwork, as well as to confirm adherence to the Discovery Point “High Five” Standards of Excellence.

Learn more about the comprehensive support you can expect from the best franchise to own. Call the Discovery Point franchising team at 770-623-1140 today for details about our franchise opportunities!