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January 28, 2021

Best Franchise to Own in 2021? A Discovery Point Franchise

Are you looking to make a business investment in the upcoming year? Choose to buy a business in an industry whose services are constantly in demand. As a high-quality, well-known daycare franchise with an established reputation across the Southeastern United States, Discovery Point is one of the best franchises to own in 2021.

Discovery Point franchisees not only benefit from brandishing the name of a recognized leader in educational child care, they also have the advantage of opening a business that’s been designed, developed, and tested as a proven model for success

Read on to learn more about what makes a Discovery Point franchise one of the best franchises to own in the current business environment.

Advantages of Owning a Discovery Point Franchise

When you choose to become part of the Discovery Point family, you gain access to a number of benefits that make life as a business owner simple, straightforward, and incredibly rewarding. Here are some of the many exciting things you can look forward to as a Discovery Point franchisee.

The Security of a Real Estate Investment

Our franchise locations aren’t just business investments. They’re also real estate investments. Franchisees have the option of owning their center’s property, building, and equipment, enabling them to build long-term equity and experience greater investment security.

Our buildings are custom-designed and constructed from the ground up to create an ideal environment for children’s growth and development. As they’re built in convenient locations within the community and offer multi-functionality, they’re a great investment for entrepreneurs with an eye on the future.

Getting Up and Running with Ease

We are a turnkey franchise, meaning our franchise packages include everything you need to open your business without a hitch. From equipment and curriculum to licensing and training, we’ll guide you through every aspect of getting started, step-by-step. 

You can rely on our extensive experience in the industry to ensure you check all the boxes before your grand opening. Even if you’ve never worked in child care or education, you can enjoy tremendous success thanks to the in-depth knowledge and solid track record of our child care experts.

A Better Work-Life Balance

Are you looking to escape the confines of the typical 9-to-5 and get out of corporate America for good? If you’re ready to finally have a career that enriches your life, a Discovery Point franchise may be right for you. 

Our franchisees experience plenty of flexibility as business owners and take pride in having the opportunity to prioritize their family relationships without sacrificing their success. As the owner of a Discovery Point child care center, you can make time for the things that matter most while also running a business you love.

Making a Positive Impact on the Community

The best franchise to own should offer more than an investment in your quality of life and your future. Discovery Point franchisees also have the opportunity to empower their communities on a daily basis through the work they do. 

We encourage franchisees to customize their centers to fit the needs of the neighborhood. The success of your business can help support local charity organizations, schools, community outreach programs, and even your own initiatives based on your personal passions.

Every step of the way, you’ll be investing in the next generation and making your community a better place to live. With end goals as important as these, it’s no surprise entrepreneurs are looking to Discovery Point for a path to personal fulfillment and financial independence!

Learn more about what makes Discovery Point the best franchise to own in the New Year! Give our franchising team a call today at 770-623-1140 for details about getting started with one of our exciting child care business opportunities.