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September 29, 2020
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Best Franchise to Start: Set Yourself Up for Success

When it comes to finding the best franchise to start, you should put your focus on connecting with a franchisor who is ready to help you succeed from day one. At Discovery Point, we know how important it is for franchisees to have support not only in the early days of business ownership, but also in the months and years that follow. 

We’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as one of the leading franchises in the child care and daycare industry, and we’re ready to share our knowledge and expertise so you can operate a successful child care center that continuously offers high-quality care for children.

Understanding Our Franchisee-First Model

We’re proud of our franchisees for offering reliable child care services that families throughout the southeastern United States can trust. We’re always looking to grow and expand our franchise so more families can put their children in a caring and educational environment where their well-being is the number-one priority.

For this reason, we don’t only look at the numbers when making decisions to expand to new locations. Our goal is to partner with prospective franchisees who are prepared to be stewards of our brand. We aim to find interested individuals who are the right fit for Discovery Point and who are able to offer the level of care we believe children need and deserve.

Laying the Foundation for Success

With so much at stake, it’s essential for us to put our franchisees in a position to be successful. We remain by their side at every turn, from making the decision to join the Discovery Point team to opening their centers. Most importantly, we don’t stop there. We continue to work with franchisees as the ownership process moves along. 

Our franchisee support system and strategic guidance helps franchisees make the best decisions for their centers throughout their journey of business ownership. After all, when they succeed in their business endeavors, it’s a win for us as well.

From day one, we’ll partner with you to pave the way for future success. You can rely on our expertise with site selection as we review real estate options with you, conduct demographic studies, and pore over drive-time statistics to help you make the right choice for your new location. 

When the construction of your center begins, we’ll manage the build out and work directly with the building contractor from start to finish. As this is a partnership, we welcome your input every step of the way.

During the construction phase, we’ll work with you to attain any necessary state licensing for your daycare center. We’ll also begin the training process, which includes two weeks at the Discovery Point Franchising corporate office and two weeks shadowing current Discovery Point owners as they go about daily operations at their centers.

These procedures are all intended to lay the foundation for a successful business that reflects the Discovery Point brand in a positive manner and allows plenty of room for creativity and customization. Our owners are able to open their businesses with confidence knowing they’ll always have trusted guidance from our industry-leading team. It’s this level of confidence in our support that has many Discovery Point owners convinced ours is one of the best franchises to start.

Offering Ongoing Support

Wondering what forms of ongoing support you can look forward to as a franchisee with Discovery Point? You can expect our experienced corporate team to offer operational, business, and marketing assistance whenever you need it. 

This could include hiring support to meet your staffing requirements, or business insight through a review of your food costs or equipment expenses. We’ll also provide bright, vibrant marketing materials and digital expertise that deliver our brand’s message in a way that is customized to reflect the unique qualities of your center.

In addition, we conduct frequent quality assurance visits that go well beyond the industry standard. This isn’t just to ensure our brand is being represented as we desire. It’s also to ensure children are receiving the best care possible in a safe, comfortable environment that is completely centered around their well-being and personal development. As long as this is your main focus, you’ll be able to succeed with our franchisee-first model.

See for yourself why a Discovery Point child care center is one of the best franchises to start. Give us a call at 770-623-1140 today to learn more about our many franchising opportunities.