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September 18, 2020
buy a franchise with Discovery Point

Buy a Franchise without the Sticker Shock

Are you interested in buying a franchise, but concerned about being able to afford the significant investment some require? It’s not uncommon for some franchise brands to require investments in the $1 million+ range. At Discovery Point, we know your budget isn’t unlimited. 

As an entrepreneur, you’re looking to make an investment that will not only reap significant dividends in the future, but also offer significant value at the outset. When you buy a franchise with Discovery Point, you’ll have access to so much more than our brand name. 

We offer incredible value you won’t find with many other franchisors. From the ability to make a real estate investment to access to proprietary curriculum, assistance with licensing, comprehensive training, and ongoing support, we ensure you get the most out of your business investment while also giving you the chance to do work you love.

What You Get When You Buy a Franchise with Discovery Point

With great investment comes great profitability. While it may be tempting to buy a franchise with rock-bottom start-up costs, it’s crucial to look at what’s behind those costs. 

At Discovery Point, our reasonable daycare franchise fees are some of the lowest in the industry, and our flat service fees are discounted for the first year of business. However, these numbers aren’t the most important thing to consider when purchasing a franchise. Instead, what’s even more significant is value.

We aim to give franchisees the most bang for their buck, so they can achieve their dream of business ownership with as little hassle as possible. You’ll have our full support from the moment you decide to partner with us, and you’ll benefit from the expertise of our team well beyond your opening date.

Here’s what you get as a Discovery Point franchisee.

A Real Estate Investment

Many franchisors require franchisees to commit to a lease, limiting their ability to truly invest in their business. When you choose to buy a daycare franchise with Discovery Point, you’ll have the opportunity to own your center’s building and the surrounding land. This gives you both greater investment security and long-term equity benefits.

Our Discovery Point support team has years of experience in the real estate process and will help you select a site in a prime location for families in the area. We’ll also assist with property zoning and site construction. Plus, we incorporate our in-depth expertise in child development to design centers that are focused on safety, security, and visibility, as well as the comfort of students and staff members.

Expertly Selected Equipment

Some franchisors leave franchisees to source and pay for their own equipment, which can take a lot of time and leaves room for mistakes to be made. We set you up for success by providing an initial package that includes everything you need to open your center, from furniture and fixtures to computer and playground equipment. 

We select each and every item that goes into our daycare centers while considering their durability and safety. You’ll be able to get started without worrying about these details, and can instead maintain focus on the bigger picture.

Nationally Recognized Curriculum

Our nationally recognized curriculum fosters a natural love for learning and inspires children to follow their curiosity as they discover their individuality. When you implement this meticulously researched curriculum, you can help your students become creative and confident thinkers.

All Discovery Point franchisees have access to our proprietary preschool curriculum, called Discovery Point Connections®, which focuses on early language development and literacy. 

Our franchisees can also use the Creative Curriculum® System for Preschool from Teaching Strategies®. This curriculum creates plenty of opportunities for hands-on exploration and builds a crucial foundation for critical thinking skills.With this curriculum duo, you’ll be prepared to foster an education-rich environment for children of all ages.

Training & Licensing

We won’t just hand you the keys and send you on your way. Instead, we take the time to share our decades of experience so you can benefit from all that we’ve learned over the years. 

We provide four weeks of intensive business and operations training for new owners, including two weeks of in-classroom training and two weeks of on-site shadowing of current Discovery Point owners. 

We’ll also guide you through the state licensing and accreditation process and will provide teacher and staff training on an ongoing basis.

Continuous Marketing Support

Our National Advertising Program supplements your local marketing efforts to promote your child care center, build credibility, and encourage brand effectiveness. You’ll also have access to an extensive library of customizable, high-quality marketing materials so you can lead a marketing campaign in your local neighborhood. In addition, your center will have it’s very own website and social media presence.

At any point, you can reach out to our corporate support team for assistance with business longevity, daily operations, and revenue-building efforts.

Invest in Your Future

When you decide to buy a franchise with Discovery Point, you’re not just making a business investment. You’re also investing in your future. Our franchisees choose to partner with us because they know we’ll help them embark on a fulfilling career that inspires and rewards them. 

As we offer plenty of options for you to explore your passions, interests, and personal strengths while customizing your center to fit the needs of your community, you can finally do work that you love while also making an impact on the lives of others.

Are you ready to buy a franchise with real value? Get in touch with Discovery Point today at 770-623-1140 to learn more about our full range of daycare franchise opportunities.