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December 6, 2022
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What to Expect When Buying an Existing Daycare Business?

As much as you want to become a daycare business owner, you may feel like the path to opening a business is an uphill battle. While franchising offers a shortcut that allows you to skip over a number of hurdles, it still takes time to begin reaping the rewards of your hard work. 

However, buying a franchise resale is a faster route to business ownership that also lowers your risk in a number of ways. If you’re looking into buying an existing daycare business from Discovery Point, you can count on experiencing the many advantages that come with investing in a business with a proven track record and an established reputation in the community.

Why Entrepreneurs Often Consider Franchise Resales

Franchise resales are generally considered to offer the ideal mix of risk reduction and reward generation. Here’s why:

Foundations are in place for solid business operations

Putting the infrastructure of a business into place, taking steps to recruit and train staff, and building a client base are some of the most time-consuming aspects of ramping up to opening day of any new business. 

Buying a resale franchise location saves you time and money, not to mention energy, which are all resources that can be better spent on actually operating your business and turning a profit. 

Better initial financial returns

When you open a new franchise, it’s generally best to put off your hopes of taking home a salary for at least a year. Franchise resales are different in that they already have an established customer base and brand recognition. Rather than having to wait for these two elements to grow, you can hit the ground running and start enjoying a financial return from day one.

Existing data to help make business decisions

Before you choose to purchase a franchise resale, you’ll have the chance to analyze the history of the business, including years worth of financial records. You’ll be able to make a decision about your investment with much more information at hand than you would if you were to take the risk of opening a new business in a new location. 

Benefits of Purchasing an Existing Daycare Business from Discovery Point

Your experience with purchasing a resale franchise will of course depend on the franchise location you take over and the franchisor you choose to partner with. At Discovery Point, we’re excited to offer resale opportunities that make investing in the child care industry a seamless transition for entrepreneurs. Our resale locations represent not only a financial investment, but also an investment in the local community and an opportunity to follow your passion. 

Buying an existing daycare business from a member of our franchisee network gives you access to exciting advantages such as the following:

  • Custom-built, fully outfitted facilities on prime real estate. 
    All of our child care centers are built according to our specifications. Purchasing a resale gives you the chance to make a significant real-estate investment.

  • Cash flow from day one thanks to existing enrollees. 
    Rather than having to build up enrollment, you can swing into action with a daycare business that’s already bustling with activity.
  • An established reputation in the community.
    Local families will already know and trust your business thanks to years of operation and the cultivation of trust-based relationships with parents and their children.

  • In-depth knowledge about the local market.
    You’ll have access to detailed data about the market for child care services in the area, helping you understand the potential of the business you’re buying.

Of course, the benefits of working with Discovery Point don’t stop there. You’ll also enjoy all of the forms of support that come with any other Discovery Point franchise purchase, including extensive training, experienced assistance with licensing your daycare business, access to our exclusive curriculum, effective marketing campaigns, and ongoing aid with daily operations.

Our Available Daycare Business Opportunities

If you are ready to reap the rewards of purchasing an existing daycare business, don’t hesitate to check out our resale franchise options

Ready to learn more about what you can expect from purchasing a daycare business that’s ready for action? All it takes is a call to the Discovery Point franchising team at 770-623-1140 for details about our exciting resale opportunities!