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March 25, 2020

Positioning Your Child Daycare Franchise for Success

If you want to become the owner of a business that keeps you engaged with your community and provides an opportunity to better the lives of those around you, consider purchasing a child daycare franchise. 

At Discovery Point, we help ensure our centers are positioned for success. By providing our franchisees with plenty of business support and expert knowledge regarding the industry, we give them the tools they need to run a thriving child daycare franchise.

Discovery Point has been offering high-quality child care and early childhood education since 1988. It’s our love for what we do and our desire to enable others to experience the joys that come with owning a child care center that led us to expand our network throughout the state of Georgia and now across the country.

Read below to learn what families look for in child care services, and how we’ll help you operate a child daycare franchise that meets these needs.  

What Parents Look for in a Child Care Center

Parents often express frustration about the lack of affordable, high-quality child care services. In order to provide families with the safe, educational care they’re after, you’ll need to prioritize the following:

  • Engaging activities. Too much unstructured free time can make parents feel uneasy. Many hope to find a child care center where children are encouraged to follow their natural curiosity while also being given guidance in the way of interactive games, group work, and skill development. Parents often look to bulletin boards filled with children’s artwork or postings of daily planned activities as signs that your center will be keeping students socially engaged and intellectually stimulated each and every day.
  • Developmentally appropriate materials. As a child care center that serves children of all ages, it’s important to have age-appropriate materials that encourage the development of each age group. From age-appropriate books and activities to separate outdoor play areas for each age group, parents want to know that your facility is designed to inspire, educate, and keep their children safe as they grow.  
  • Loyal and empowered teachers. Too much turnover is a bad sign in almost any industry, and child care is no exception. When parents notice extensive staff turnover at a child care center, they wonder how this lack of stability will affect their child’s ability to feel safe. Parents appreciate when teachers are empowered by the child care center to put their ideas into action and feel an organic sense of loyalty to the company. Encouraging teachers to speak up and listening to what they have to say not only promotes loyalty and reduces turnover, but can also improve the quality of child care you offer.

How We’ll Help Your Child Care Center Thrive

As the owner of a Discovery Point child daycare franchise, you’ll receive a wealth of support from our team. Our turnkey franchise model ensures assistance with site selection and center construction, as well as state licensing and teacher training. This foundational assistance helps to start your daycare franchise off on the right foot and build a framework for future success.

You can also count on us to help you fill your facility with the necessary supplies, materials, and equipment. From cribs and crawl mats to puzzles, printers, and play spaces, we won’t overlook a single detail. We’ll be here to assist with acquiring all of the items needed to make your center a haven for children of all ages.

Plus, franchisees receive access to our proprietary curriculum, the language- and literature-based Discovery Point Connections® Curriculum, in addition to Teaching Strategies’ nationally recognized Creative Curriculum® set. These interactive, developmentally appropriate lesson plans make it easy to give children an educational experience that incorporates fun and play into the learning process while promoting skill development and self-confidence.

We offer ongoing training and Quality Assurance support to keep your center in line with state licensing and accreditation regulations and to encourage teacher engagement and empowerment. With continuous corporate support from our business experts, you’ll always have access to the operational assistance you need to promote your center’s services to families throughout your community.

We also provide marketing support for your center that starts with pre-opening branding and advertising in the local area, continues through grand opening events and initial enrollment drives, and carries through in the day-to-day marketing operations of the center. Discovery Point’s marketing team is there to help you with all your digital marketing, print, website, and social media efforts.Join the Discovery Point family today and experience the joy that comes with running a successful child daycare franchise. Simply give us a call at 770-623-1140 for details about our franchising opportunities.