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August 11, 2021
daycare franchise curriculum

Choosing a Daycare Franchise: Understanding the Curriculum

When choosing a daycare franchise, there are a wide range of factors to consider, from related costs to the amount of corporate support you can expect and whether you have the opportunity to invest in real estate. One often overlooked but equally important factor is the curriculum used by the daycare franchise.

Franchisors may develop proprietary curriculum specific to their brand or simply recommend an external curriculum for use at their centers. It is also important to note that some franchisors charge an additional fee as high as $8,000 per year for access to curriculum, while others include use of curriculum in their franchising fee. 

Understanding these differences is essential to choosing a daycare franchise that allows you to promote the educational development of children in your community. It will also help you avoid hidden costs as you get your child care center up and running.

Enjoy Free Access to Exceptional Curriculum with Discovery Point

At Discovery Point, we aim to make the process of opening a child care business simple and straightforward. After all, we realize that being new to business ownership can make many details feel overwhelming, at least initially. Partnering with us in your new business venture allows you to feel supported from day one and have confidence you’ll succeed in a career you love.

To facilitate a smoother experience for our franchisees, we don’t charge an extra fee for use of our proprietary Discovery Point Connections® curriculum. Access to the curriculum is included in the total franchise fee, adding to the value franchisees experience by choosing to open a Discovery Point center. 

You also won’t have to worry about struggling to figure out how to teach the curriculum at your center if you’re new to the world of early childhood education. We offer training and support for new owners and lead teachers to ensure they can use the curriculum to its full potential.

One convenient aspect of our Discovery Point Connections curriculum is our Curriculum Library. Owners, directors, and teachers can easily access this library to select units for use in their infancy through preschool programs. Ongoing teacher support is also available to promote adherence to our standards of excellence in the implementation of this curriculum.

How Our Daycare Franchise’s Proprietary Curriculum Promotes a Love of Learning

We’ve created our Discovery Point Connections curriculum to go above and beyond teaching young learners essential academic subjects and social skills. As we built our curriculum package, we focused on including activities and topics that would promote children’s development while helping them fall in love with learning. 

As a result, our curriculum captivates the imagination. It encourages children to be creative and confident critical thinkers who are inspired by and curious about the world around them.

Research has shown that children’s educational outcomes are often linked to the opportunities they had to hear books read aloud in the early stages of their development. This simple strategy helps young learners in the following ways:

  • Builds their vocabulary base
  • Increases their attention span
  • Presents literature as a treasure trove of adventure

We’ve thus made literature and language development a focal point of our proprietary curriculum. By concentrating on early literacy, we’re laying the foundation for children to take the initiative in their educational journey.

The Discovery Point Connections curriculum is built around weekly thematic units. Each unit features current literature and provides ample opportunities for learning in the areas of science, math, social studies, music, and art. 

This child-centered approach to education is built on developmental learning standards. Our program is designed to prepare children for the academic environment of school. However, it also promotes learning through play and creative expression. This curriculum thus creates an environment in our child care centers that fosters independent thinking and shows just how fun learning can be.

Choose a daycare franchise that offers a research-backed, child-centered curriculum for franchisees free of charge. Contact Discovery Point’s franchising team today at 770-623-1140 to learn more about our proprietary curriculum and request details about opening a Discovery Point center of your own.