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July 26, 2022

Your Daycare Business Questions Answered

There may be a number of reasons why you’re interested in opening a daycare business. Perhaps you want to break out of the typical 9-to-5 to enjoy a better quality of life while running a community-oriented business. You may also have a passion for working with children, or a desire to own a business that allows you to remain close to your family while thriving in your career. You may also be aware of the huge market for child care businesses, a market that is continually growing

No matter what your main driver is for opening a business in the child care industry, you may also have some doubts. Whether you’re wondering if this business type is really all that lucrative or unsure of whether you have the right skill set for the job, we can answer all of your daycare business questions. 

Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about opening a business in this sector, as well as answers from our industry experts at Discovery Point.

Why should I invest in a daycare business?

One of the main benefits of investing in this type of business is the current and future market for child care services. The need for child care is on the rise, with over 45 million children under 12 living in dual-income households nationwide. It’s clear that dual-income families comprise a large proportion of the population in the country, and these families often need access to care for their children starting at an early age.

Another reason to invest in child care is to help children and families in your community. You will have the opportunity to shape the next generation and give working parents peace of mind. While you may feel this contribution is small, it can make a huge difference in your community, especially if you offer educational child care services.

What skills do I need to run a successful daycare business?

If you choose to start a child care business from scratch, it may be important to have previous experience in the industry, or at the very least previous experience as a business owner. However, if you partner with an experienced franchisor like Discovery Point, you can look forward to having support with all aspects of getting your business up and running, as well as operational support after you open. 

While you don’t need specific experience to become a franchisee in child care, you do need to have a certain set of qualities and share the values of the franchisor. For example, at Discovery Point, we always prefer to bring individuals into our franchise family who have a heart for working with children, have plenty of empathy and patience, and have an internal motivation to grow their businesses. Working in child care isn’t always easy, but it is without a doubt rewarding. Those who understand and appreciate this balance will be the most successful.

What kind of work-life balance do daycare business owners have?

As the owner of your own business, you’ll have the flexibility to determine your own schedule. While there will always be plenty of work to do to ensure your business is operating to its full potential, having the chance to determine your work hours can be a huge benefit if you are looking for a comfortable work-life balance. For this reason, entrepreneurs with children or those who want to make spending time with family a priority are often attracted to business prospects in the child care industry.

What does the process of opening a daycare business look like?

If you decide to purchase a child care franchise, you can look forward to a smooth startup process. At Discovery Point, we assist franchisees every step of the way, from site selection and center construction to licensing, marketing, and enrollment. 

In addition to start-to-finish support, our franchise packages include furniture, equipment, supplies, and other essentials, which helps shorten your journey to becoming a business owner while enabling you to hit the ground running.
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