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November 25, 2020

Are You a Good Fit for a Daycare Business?

Are you looking to open a business in a field that offers plenty of growth potential and is also exceptionally rewarding? If so, a daycare business may provide a path to achieving your goals.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the child care industry is set to experience some of the fastest increases in employment through 2020. Recent data from Sageworks also shows that daycare center profitability has been on the rise since 2012.

While these statistics offer a hopeful outlook for the child care industry, not all entrepreneurs will find success with a daycare business. It takes the right personality, attitude, and set of personal strengths to not only handle the daily challenges of this kind of work, but also to appreciate the rewards this industry offers.

Before you make the decision to invest in a daycare business, you’ll need to do some thorough self-reflection to determine whether this field is right for you.

Qualities of Successful Daycare Business Owners

It may come as a surprise to hear the child care industry attracts entrepreneurs from diverse fields. While many successful owners of child care centers have a background in child development or early education, this is certainly not the case for the majority.

At Discovery Point, we’ve found the individuals who tend to truly thrive in this industry typically share similar character qualities and personal strengths rather than employment experiences. 

These qualities include the following:

A Passion for Working with Children

If the idea of working with children does not excite you, it’s probably best to seek out other business ventures. If, however, you find nothing more heartwarming than watching a child grow and learn about the world, you may find success in child care. One of the best parts of owning a child care center is getting to build relationships with children and watching as they develop into unique individuals.

When you partner with Discovery Point, you’ll not only get to care for children, you’ll also have the opportunity to support them as they build crucial physical, social, and academic skills. Few business types offer the chance to help the next generation succeed, and this is one of them.

A Desire to Give Back to the Local Community

Have previous careers left you feeling you simply weren’t doing enough to be a positive force in the world? If you’ve always wished you could do more to benefit your neighbors and fellow community members, child care is one way to help families in your local area. Not only will you be creating jobs as the owner of a child care business, but you’ll also be giving parents the peace of mind they need to live fulfilling lives.

With Discovery Point, you’ll even have the chance to customize your center according to the needs of your community. Whether you choose to offer specialized assistance for foster care children or those with special needs, or any other of a number of community-focused needs, you can ensure every day at work is a day that makes a positive difference in the lives of others.

Exceptional Interpersonal Skills

The operators of child care centers are constantly taking on the needs and emotions of others. From organizing staff members and teachers to speaking with parents and caring for young children, you’ll be managing relationships all day long as a daycare business owner. 

Those who view this as an enjoyable aspect of the job can use their strong interpersonal skills to build valuable relationships and lay a solid foundation for a successful child care business.

Ability to Multitask and Work Under Pressure

Can you handle organized chaos? Owning a daycare business involves managing detailed, logistical tasks while being surrounded by energetic children, requiring an exceptional ability to focus. Exceptional time management skills are a must, as you’ll have to work around unforeseen situations that are sure to arise on a regular basis. It’s important you feel you’re someone who does well under pressure, rather than someone who is thrown off by last-minute changes.

If you possess the above qualities and are still interested in opening a daycare business, consider partnering with Discovery Point in your business venture. Contact us today at 770-623-1140 to hear more about our franchise opportunities.