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September 9, 2020
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Our Daycare Franchise Welcomes Entrepreneurs with Diverse Backgrounds

Discovery Point is a daycare franchise run by a wonderfully diverse group of entrepreneurs from a range of backgrounds, all with their own unique stories to tell. This diversity makes for an incredible melting pot of shared ideas and experiences. It also means no two Discovery Point centers are exactly the same, yet they all bear the Discovery Point name and represent a proven approach to providing high-quality daycare.

This embrace of diversity enables us to better serve the communities in which our daycare centers operate. It has also helped us develop a franchise model that allows our franchisees to truly thrive.

We’re excited to have so many driven entrepreneurs embarking on their own distinct journeys of business ownership with us. While they may all work under different circumstances, their ultimate goal is the same: ensuring each child in their care feels loved and is given the very best opportunity to learn and develop their skills.

There’s no single formula for a successful Discovery Point location. Our centers are run by teams of husbands and wives, older parents and their adult children, siblings, single parents, and corporate world transplants. 

It’s also essential to us that our franchise owners truly represent the communities they serve. That’s why we are so proud of our culturally diverse community of franchise owners. 

Whether you have a background in business ownership or are dreaming of becoming a business owner for the first time, Discovery Point offers you a chance to succeed. We welcome entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds who are looking for an opportunity to leverage their personal strengths and passions as they support families in their local communities.

Finding the Right Fit: Our Selection Process

The importance of finding the right individuals to operate our child care centers cannot be understated. Not only are owners tasked with representing our brand and upholding our long-standing reputation, but they’re also responsible for the safety, well-being, growth, and development of their students, which is no small undertaking. 

As we want to provide the highest quality child care possible, we need the right person in the ownership role at each and every one of our daycare franchise locations. The “right” person doesn’t have to fit a specific mold or hold certain qualifications. What’s most important is that they are someone with a knack for business who can lead and motivate a team. 

They must also be prepared to dedicate themselves to raising the level of care and education available for children in their community. Those with a recognized business sensibility as well as a passion for working with children and families are typically the best candidates.

Of course, our selection process isn’t a one-sided decision. It’s also imperative that potential owners feel they’re making the right choice for their lives and career goals. That’s why we offer plenty of resources for those who are considering opening a daycare franchise with Discovery Point. Prospects have numerous opportunities to engage with our corporate support team and current franchise owners before making any final decisions.

How Diversity Fuels Our Daycare Franchise

At Discovery Point, we believe individual franchisees have played a major role in our success over the years. We’re sure we wouldn’t be where we are today without the passion they’ve poured into their centers and the unique perspectives they’ve brought to their work. With such an amazing and diverse team, there’s never been a shortage of new ideas on how to improve center performance, increase profitability, or raise the level of care our centers provide.

We encourage this kind of two-way conversation between franchisees and our corporate support team to facilitate ongoing collaboration and growth. The result is an always-evolving exchange of knowledge that improves both the quality of our services and the profile of the Discovery Point brand.

We’re so proud of our franchisees for helping make Discovery Point the successful franchise it is today. But in truth, they’ve accomplished so much more than that. By providing their students with a “home away from home,” they’ve contributed to the growth and development of the next generation. Our franchisees’ ability to instill their centers with the feeling of home has been a direct result of their focus, dedication, and passion for providing exceptional child care services.

As we give our franchisees the chance to take inspiration from their local communities and their individual interests to customize their centers, we help them stay motivated to continue doing their best every single day. Encouraging owners to bring something unique to their businesses also ensures our network remains diverse and keeps each of our locations centered on the needs of the surrounding neighborhoods. 

Are you ready to leverage your passions and talents to operate a successful daycare franchise with Discovery Point? Call 770-623-1140 today to learn more about getting started.