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October 5, 2021

What Makes Discovery Point a Top Child Care Franchise?

When you partner with a top child care franchise to realize your dream of opening a child care center in your local community, you can go into business for yourself without having to do it all alone. 

Starting a child care business on your own can be extremely challenging. Obstacles such as obtaining proper licensing, selecting a site, choosing curriculum, and training teachers are just a few of the roadblocks you may face in the process. Should you be successful at overcoming these, you’ll still need an exceptional marketing strategy to ensure enrollment numbers remain high and your business can turn a profit.

By opening a location with a top child care franchise, like Discovery Point, you can sidestep a number of these pitfalls and enjoy the experience of becoming a business owner with significantly fewer worries. At Discovery Point, we’re immensely proud to be considered one of the leading child care franchises in the industry. Several factors have contributed to our incredible growth and have enabled us to expand our brand to include 46 locations across the Southeast. 

If you’re interested in learning more about what makes our franchise stand out from the rest, read on for details about why Discovery Point is often referred to as a top child care franchise.

Our Extensive Experience

There’s no substitute for experience, especially in the child care industry. According to, Discovery Point is one of the most experienced child care franchises in the market. For more than three decades, we have been providing children with high-quality care and early education. 

Over the years, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, making adjustments to our business model along the way. As a result, our franchisees can learn from our experience and take a more straightforward path to business success rather than deal with the trial and error of going it alone

Our Proprietary Curriculum

Our many years of teaching and caring for children have more than just allowed us to learn more about creating an effective business model. This time has also provided us with in-depth insight into the kinds of curriculum children respond best to. 

To give both our students and our teachers an optimal early childhood education experience, we set out to develop our own curriculum. The result, Discovery Point Connections®, is available to all of our franchisees at no additional charge (as opposed to being an additional expense for many of our competitors). We also provide ongoing training in this curriculum for teachers and staff members. 

The Discovery Point Connections curriculum places a strong emphasis on language and literature, encouraging children to experience the magic of the written word from an early age. Through weekly thematic units and exposure to inspiring works of age-appropriate literature, children can develop their reading and writing skills while engaging their imagination and their creativity in the process.

Continuous Support From Our Team

Getting your child care center up and running is just the beginning of your journey as a business owner. You can count on us to guide you through the following:

  • Choosing your location
  • Staffing your center
  • Beginning enrolling students
  • Holding your grand opening
  • And everyday thereafter

You’ll always be able to reach out to our expert team for assistance with daily operations and ongoing marketing support. In addition, we conduct regular Quality Assurance visits to support each of our franchisees, to help them meet state childcare regulations, and to uphold the standards of care and education Discovery Point for which is known.

Real Estate Ownership Opportunities

At Discovery Point, we offer an exciting business opportunity as well as a chance to invest in prime real estate. This means you can enjoy full ownership of your child care center and the land where it is located, translating to long-term security and equity. Most importantly, you’ll be able to rely on our expert team to assist you with every aspect of purchasing your property and constructing your center.

Freedom & Flexibility for Franchisees

As a top child care franchise, we make certain the quality of care children receive at our centers is consistent from location to location. However, this does not mean Discovery Point centers are cookie-cutter replicas of one another. In fact, we encourage our franchisees to make their centers unique. In order to truly serve local families, it is essential for owners to create a community-centered environment focused on building relationships and addressing the specific needs of children in the local area. 

With this level of flexibility, franchisees can experience the freedom that comes with owning their own business and acting as their own boss. Since they have the leeway to set their own hours and prioritize their daily responsibilities, they can experience a more fulfilling career as well as the rewards of helping the next generation thrive.

If you are considering a business venture in the child care industry, choose to work with a top child care franchise. Request more information about the franchise opportunities available through Discovery Point today by giving us a call at  770-623-1140.