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September 18, 2019
child care sites for sale

3 Types of Discovery Point Child Care Sites for Sale

Owning a Discovery Point franchise is an attractive destination if you’re looking to join the thriving U.S. child care industry. If you’re looking to own a Discovery Point franchise, there are a few different ways to reach that destination. Our child care sites for sale include a range of opportunities, from undeveloped sites to resale franchises to retrofit locations.

Discovery Point Child Care Sites for Sale

1. Sites for Development

If you’re looking to start a new Discovery Point franchise, we offer a few ways to choose and develop your site.

Most commonly, we work with new franchisees on site selection and development. First, you sign a franchise agreement for a particular franchise territory. After that, we explore area demographics and partner with real estate experts to help find the perfect site within your territory. Our experts will compile a set of local child care sites for sale, then carefully analyze these sites to find the ideal spot for your center.

Our team has years of experience in real estate selection and acquisition. We also possess a unique understanding of what to look for in child care sites for sale — things like accessibility for parents, property size and zoning, site visibility, and potential for value appreciation.

After you’ve selected your site, you’ll work with our professional construction management team for the development of your site and the construction of your center. As part of our turnkey franchise model, we handle all aspects of center development. We will also provide all of the equipment and resources you need to run your center once it opens.

2. Sites for Resale

Anyone looking to own a child care center has two basic options. You can start your own business, either independently or via a franchisor. Or you can purchase an existing child care center.

If you’re more inclined to purchase an existing child care business, a Discovery Point resale franchise could be a perfect fit. Our resale opportunities give you everything you need in an existing child care center, including:

  • Existing cash flow from current enrollees
  • Detailed knowledge of local child care market
  • Established branding within the community
  • Strong relationships with local parents
  • Fully built and outfitted facilities

These advantages come on top of all the other benefits that a Discovery Point franchise has to offer, including our turnkey business model, rigorous training for new franchisees, licensing assistance, our exclusive curriculum, and the chance to own the site on which your center is built.

3. Sites for Retrofitting

So far, we’ve covered two ways of acquiring Discovery Point child care sites for sale. In one case, you’re acquiring an undeveloped site on which to construct your facility.. In the other, you’re buying a site that’s already been developed as a child care facility.

However, there’s a third way to acquire your site with Discovery Point: retrofitting. In this case, you’re acquiring a new franchise territory. But rather than targeting undeveloped properties, you target properties with existing facilities that can be repurposed as a Discovery Point location. This could be an office, a private school, or even a previous day care center.

This strategy depends on finding a site that’s well-suited for retrofitting in the first place. So it’s not the first choice for most franchisees. But if you find a suitable site, having an existing structure in place could perhaps be your best path toward owning a Discovery Point child care center.

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