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July 27, 2023

What Makes Discovery Point A Premier Education Franchise

At Discovery Point, we are proud to be an education franchise that offers families the trustworthy and nurturing child care services they need. Our business model ensures the children under our care have so much more than someone to spend the day with. 

Beyond basic care, children are given the opportunity to enjoy formative educational experiences that shape how they approach the learning process for years to come. Using a child-centered instructional approach that applies to all ages and all stages of development, as well as a research-based curriculum, we have built a premier education franchise that families know and trust.

Learn More About Our Education Franchise

If you want to open a daycare business that helps the children in your community succeed and nurtures their love of learning, our education franchise may be the best choice you find. Below, we detail some of the independent elements that make Discovery Point a premier education franchise and explain how we help our franchisees offer incredible, education-driven care for the children in their communities.

Our Philosophy

At Discovery Point, we believe that all of our franchisees have the chance to make a real difference in the lives and academic futures of the children they serve. Through an educational approach to child care set in a safe, fun, and engaging environment, our centers help cultivate a love of learning in children that sets them up for success.

One of the key ways we are able to accomplish this is by narrowing in on the curiosity of children and their love for discovery and exploration. When children are given the opportunity to follow their natural curiosity, they find themselves on the path of becoming independent thinkers and problem solvers. 

As a result, our child care philosophy is grounded in the concepts of growth, imagination, play, and socialization. At the same time, we ensure each child has the dedicated attention and affection they need to feel fully supported in their learning journey. 

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum also plays a major role in the educational nature of our approach to child care. We give our franchisees free access to and training in this curriculum; there are no additional fees associated with its use. Discovery Point Connections©, our proprietary curriculum for preschoolers, concentrates on encouraging early language development and literacy skills, fostering a love for literature through weekly thematic units.

Our Support for Franchisees

Our support for franchisees also helps ensure that Discovery Point remains a premier education franchise and offers children consistent care and a high-quality educational experience at each of our franchise locations. Our support includes:

  • Experienced Leadership. We have more than three decades of experience in child care franchising. As successful pioneers in this field, our leadership team has plenty of knowledge to share with our franchisees that can make all the difference in their experience of opening a business.
  • In-Depth Training. Thanks to our focus on training, you can open an education franchise whether you have prior experience in child care and education or are completely new to these fields. Discovery Point owners, teachers, and staff all benefit from ongoing training and support with professional development.
  • Support with Marketing. Our hardworking marketing team effectively amplifies the Discovery Point brand name and the presence of each of our centers within its own local community. With proper marketing support, families will be quick to learn that their children can benefit from having an educational experience through their choice in child care.
  • Encouragement of Personalization. While we make sure each and every one of our centers offers exceptional child care services according to our business model and high standards, we do not expect Discovery Point locations to be identical. In fact, we encourage our franchisees to customize their centers based on the educational needs of their communities and according to their personal passions. 

The advantage of choosing our education franchise is clear: we offer a time-tested approach to running a child care center grounded in scientific research, innovative curriculum, and a focus on growth and discovery. To learn more about our franchise packages, call Discovery Point at 770-623-1140 today!