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April 17, 2020
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Discovery Point Franchise: Focused on Security

When you become the proud owner of a Discovery Point franchise, you’ll soon find that your number-one priority is the safety and security of your students. On a daily basis, every aspect of your center will be focused on promoting children’s learning, personal development, and safety. Through a high level of attentiveness to their needs, alertness to their safety, and care for their overall well-being, you’ll be able to provide your students with a secure environment and comfortable atmosphere that encourages growth and development. 

We offer a solid foundation for franchisees that makes it easier for them to maintain a safe space for play and learning. From the way we design our facilities to the policies we enforce, we make it possible for franchise owners to emphasize safety and security above all else at their child care centers.

Read below to learn more about how Discovery Point franchises prioritize student safety and security from day to day.

Our Safety-Focused Child Care Facilities

Our turnkey model allows Discovery Point franchisees to benefit from our professional support with site selection and center construction. Every one of our custom-designed child care centers contains open-layout classrooms with large windows that offer plenty of visibility. And since our play areas are divided into age-separate spaces, children can feel at ease as they learn through exploration and discovery.

Discovery Point facilities are designed with restricted building access and a single keypad-locked entrance to ensure only screened individuals are allowed inside. We also insist on having fire sprinklers and childproof electrical outlets throughout the building to keep students safe. For child care services that extend to care beyond the walls of our facilities, we maintain our focus on safety as we select transit vehicles used for before- and after-school pick-up.

Our Safety Policies and Procedures

Safe physical surroundings are just one component of a safe environment for children. In order to keep every child completely secure while in our care, we also maintain strict policies for a comprehensive approach to child safety. 

For example, our franchise locations are required to conduct rigorous Visitor ID screening. In addition, we insist that all owners and employees undergo thorough background checks. Discovery Point employees must also be certified in CPR and First Aid so that they can tend to students’ safety if a dangerous situation occurs.

As a child’s well-being is also tied to the food that he or she consumes, we enforce strict health and safety standards around our USDA-approved menus. Our equipment is systematically sanitized, and we can accommodate dietary needs for children with allergies or sensitivities.

Encouraging Safety Through Quality Assurance

Discovery Point franchises are held accountable to our rigorous safety standards through a carefully implemented quality assurance program. Each Discovery Point franchise participates in a comprehensive monthly assessment conducted by one of our own quality assurance experts. It’s our commitment to helping our franchisees succeed and operate a thriving and successful center that led to these assessments. Our goal is to work together with our franchisees to provide solutions for any potential concerns. We’re here to support you. Together we’ll make your center a real success! 

Our centers are evaluated according to their compliance with our superior standards for health, nutrition, safety, and developmentally appropriate learning activities. It should be noted that our evaluations are designed to exceed state requirements and regulations, making them a trustworthy assessment of overall safety and security.

How Our Staff Members Tend to Students’ Safety

Since we maintain low student-to-teacher ratios in all Discovery Point franchise locations, our staff members have the capacity to tend to each child’s individual needs and look after their safety on a consistent basis. We believe that by providing children with the attention and care they need, we can offer them a positive learning experience as well as a safer environment for play.

Learn more about how we help our Discovery Point franchise locations adhere to strict standards in safety and security. Call 770-623-1140 today for details about our franchise opportunities.