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October 19, 2020
new Discovery Point franchise owners

Discovery Point Franchise For Sale: Steps to Ownership

Are you looking for a franchise for sale that would allow you to work on your own terms? As the owner of a Discovery Point franchise, you’ll have the opportunity to offer high-quality child care according to your own vision and the needs of your local community. 

Our business model has been honed over decades of experience and provides a proven path to success. Throughout your journey as a franchisee, you’ll benefit from the support and industry insights of our corporate team.

Become a Business Owner in 10 Simple Steps

Don’t miss out on our one-of-a-kind franchise opportunities! We’ve made the path to business ownership straightforward and will provide you with plenty of expert guidance along the way. See our steps to personal enrichment and financial independence below.

Step 1. Ask for more information about our franchises for sale.

It all starts with that first step. Fortunately, reaching out to our team for more information is easy. All you have to do is fill out a simple online inquiry form. We’ll get back to you right away with details about our franchising opportunities.

Step 2. Participate in an introductory call with our team.

During an introductory phone call, you’ll get familiar with the approach of our franchise team and have the chance to ask questions about the process of purchasing and opening a franchise. We’ll also send over our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for you to review.

Step 3. Submit an application and undergo a background check.

All potential Discovery Point owners must undergo a background check for security purposes. In addition, you’ll need to complete and submit a detailed application for us to evaluate.

Step 4. Attend a Discovery Day.

During a Discovery Day, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the Discovery Point main office as well as tour one of our centers.. This event allows for ample interaction with our corporate support team as well as current franchisees to give you a better idea of what a day in the life of a Discovery Point owner looks like.

Step 5. Officially purchase your franchise.

Once you’ve been awarded your franchise, it’s time to get started with your franchise agreement. Our long-term franchising agreement spans 20 years and has several options for 2-year renewals. As you execute the agreement, you’ll also take the important step of paying the initial franchise fee.

Step 6. Secure necessary financing.

Thanks to the stability of the child care industry and our brand’s reputation for success, Discovery Point franchises are appealing to banks and lending institutions. This helps ensure you’ll have several loan options to choose from.

Step 7. Select your site.

You’ll have our full support as you choose the best real estate for your child care center. We evaluate a number of factors, from property size to zoning and visibility, in order to help our franchisees select a location that sets them up for success. We also undertake an extensive analysis of the surrounding areas to better understand how local demographics could affect the business.

Step 8. Construct and develop your center.

Watching your center come to life is both exciting and rewarding. We take on the responsibility of overseeing project construction, so you can spend this time focusing on the future. As part of the process, our construction team will obtain any necessary permits and complete state licensing requirements.

Step 9. Begin new-owner training.

We’ll take you through our four-week training program for new owners to prepare you for your new role. Training is done both in-classroom and on-site in our centers and covers everything from complying with state regulations to marketing your business and understanding the flow of day-to-day operations.

Step 10. Celebrate your grand opening.

We provide all franchisees with a fully-stocked equipment package, including instructions for setting up each classroom, to make getting ready to open a cinch. In addition to conducting an assessment to get your center ready for initial licensing inspections, we’ll also assist with pre-enrollment marketing support in the lead-up to your grand opening.

Beyond Offering Franchises for Sale: How We Help Franchisees Thrive

From researching franchises for sale to signing on the dotted line and watching your center be built, there are many milestones to enjoy on the journey to business ownership. However, these moments are just the beginning of a rewarding career. From the moment your center opens, your drive to succeed and your passion for supporting the next generation will propel your business forward.

Of course, you’ll always be able to turn to us if you ever require support with your center. We’re motivated by the desire to help our franchisees thrive within their local market. In order to offer the personal touch that is needed to cultivate a caring atmosphere for children, we maintain a small corporate team that serves our owners every step of the way. From ongoing training and marketing support to monthly Quality Assurance visits, we’re proud to help contribute to our franchisees’ success.

Learn more about Discovery Point’s franchises for sale today. Take the first step by calling 770-662-2112 for details about the opportunities that await future business owners like yourself.