Discovery Point Blog

June 9, 2020

Find Personal Fulfillment with Franchise Ownership

At Discovery Point, we know that a thriving business isn’t only rooted in monetary success. Through franchise ownership, our franchisees have the chance to find personal fulfillment in addition to financial independence. 

As we’ve watched our franchise grow, we’ve come to see that truly successful businesses are those with the opportunity to make a positive impact on their community. In addition, they give their owners and employees a sense of pride and joy in their work. Rather than just another day on the job, running a thriving business is an investment of passion and hard work that reaps both tangible and intangible results.

If you’re looking to own a business that offers the chance for you to feel fulfilled rather than drained, consider franchise ownership with Discovery Point. Our daycare franchise has experienced tremendous success over the past 30 years thanks to our commitment to ensuring franchisees have the support they need to thrive. Instead of dictating every aspect of their day-to-day work, we give our franchisees the freedom to give back to their local community in a way that feels personal to them.

How Discovery Point Franchisees Feel About Franchise Ownership

Our franchisees’ testimonials show just how amazing franchise ownership in the child care industry can be. Here are just a few of the benefits they’ve highlighted over the years.

It’s Rewarding

As the owner of a Discovery Point educational child care center, you’ll be spending your days encouraging children’s love of learning. Watching your students grow into curious critical thinkers and loyal friends is incredibly rewarding. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with parents and see how important it is for them to have access to a safe space where their children feel at home. By giving them peace of mind, you’re giving them the ability to provide for their families and invest in their own futures.

It’s Freeing

Are you tired of feeling like you’re working ‘round the clock? Our franchisees determine their own working hours, meaning you can maintain a flexible schedule based on your family’s priorities and your personal preferences. 

If it’s important to you to send your kids off to school in the morning, you can have your center’s Director take over the opening shift while you keep an eye on things at home via our Procare app. Or perhaps you want to ensure you’re always home in time for family dinner. Since you get to decide when to wrap up your day at the center, you can enjoy this important time on a daily basis.

It’s Inspiring

Once you’ve developed relationships with families by caring for their children, you may be inspired to give back to the community in new ways. We encourage our franchisees to personalize their centers to the specific needs of the towns and cities where they live. There are many ways to leverage your success to support local charities and initiatives as you reach out to your neighbors and spread the sense of community. 

Discovery Point’s commitment to the well-being of children reaches far beyond our local centers to promote a range of initiatives. Through our own Diane’s Devotion philanthropic program, we strive to set an example for our franchisees that both inspires and empowers them to invest in the lives of their local community members.

Are you ready to discover for yourself how franchise ownership can lead to personal fulfillment? Don’t hesitate to contact Discovery Point today at 770-623-1140 to learn more about our exciting child care franchise opportunities