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August 4, 2020

5 Reasons to Choose Franchise Ownership with Discovery Point

If you’re ready to go into business for yourself but don’t necessarily want to be by yourself as you navigate this uncharted territory, franchise ownership may be the right choice for you. At Discovery Point, we’re proud to offer supportive guidance and established systems for our franchisees. We help them succeed in their business efforts as they provide exceptional child care services for their communities. 

Read on to learn more about why franchise ownership with Discovery Point is such a great opportunity for potential business owners.

1. Our Turnkey Model Gets You Started Quickly

While you may have the entrepreneurial skills to run a successful business and the passion to work in the child care industry, you may not have the experience associated with getting a business up and running. However, this hurdle shouldn’t prevent you from becoming a business owner.

As we use a turnkey business model for our franchises, we do most of the groundwork for you in advance. Whether you choose to begin with site selection and construction or want to purchase one of our existing child care centers, we’ll help ensure you have everything you need to begin business operations quickly and easily. From equipment and supplies to training staff members and completing any necessary licensing, we oversee all pre-opening procedures.

2. Our System is Proven to Work

There’s no question our approach to child care offers an effective business model as well as an educational environment for children. We’ve perfected our system over three decades and have replicated it at more than 40 locations across the southeastern US. 

By taking the guesswork out of daily operations with our detailed systems and giving franchisees the tools and resources they need to thrive, we help them focus on providing the very best services for families in their local communities.

In addition to this system of operations, franchisees are also supplied with our literature and language-based proprietary curriculum, Discovery Point Connections®, and the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum® from Teaching Strategies. Together, these two curriculum packages enable you to offer a strong educational foundation for your students and dynamic lesson plans for teachers.

3. Our Brand’s Reputation is Exceptional

Our efficient business model isn’t the only thing we’ve been working on over the past thirty years. During this time, we’ve also developed a reputation for outstanding child care. 

The Discovery Point brand represents a vision of educational child care rooted in research and evidence, as well as a creative approach to learning through play. We strive to offer students ample opportunities for discovery at each of our locations and give parents peace of mind they’re leaving their children in a caring and inspiring environment.

As part of the Discovery Point family, you’ll benefit from this brand recognition and established reputation. In addition, we’ll help your center maintain the high standards our brand is known for through a rigorous Quality Assurance program. Our monthly reviews of compliance in the areas of health, nutrition, and safety help you to ensure your center always exceeds state-regulated requirements.

4. Our Training Program Helps You Succeed

You may be wondering how you can translate your passion for working with children into a job you love. We’ll help you make this transition through our specialized training program for new franchisees. 

This four-week program includes intensive classroom training as well as onsite participation to prepare you for your new role as the owner of a child care center. Plus, we provide ongoing teacher and staff training to ensure every member of your team is ready to deliver care that meets our high expectations.

5. Our Experienced Corporate Team Offers Ongoing Support

One of the main benefits of becoming a franchisee rather than choosing to go it alone is you’ll always have experts to turn to if you have a question about business management, marketing, or operations. 

At Discovery Point, we take your success seriously. We are always available to help make your child care center the best it can be. Our continuous corporate support allows you to avoid headaches and roadblocks that could otherwise be major obstacles for business owners who lack the backing of an experienced brand.

Learn more about the benefits of choosing franchise ownership through Discovery Point today. Call 770-623-1140 for details about our franchise opportunities.