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March 23, 2023

How to Start a Daycare Business

Even with so many of us working from home, children still need care and supervision. It’s nearly impossible to balance both your job and your young child while working from home. It’s why the vast majority of young children receive some form of care, often through the services of an organized daycare business. 

Opening a daycare center offers more than a chance at business success and a pathway to financial independence. It can also be incredibly fulfilling on a personal level. Helping shape the next generation and providing children with the loving care they deserve brings a sense of satisfaction that few careers can match. 

Of course, opening a daycare center isn’t something you can do overnight. Due to the nature of the work, there are several steps involved in opening a child care business. Some of these overlap with many business types, while others are unique to the child care industry. You can learn more about these necessary steps below.

6 Steps You’ll Need to Take When Opening a Daycare Business

Step 1: Investigating licensing requirements.

Different states have different requirements for child care services, and learning about these regulations should be the first step you take as you look into opening a business in this industry. With this foundation of knowledge, you’ll be better able to make other important decisions about your business model. 

Step 2: Drafting a business plan and registering your business.

Every business should begin with a detailed plan, and daycare businesses are no exception. It’s important to define the structure of your business, determine the kinds of services you will provide, settle on a mission statement, and compile a budget. Having this plan at your fingertips can help you stay on track during the decision-making process without losing sight of the big picture.

Step 3: Choosing a location for your daycare business.

There are a range of factors that should be considered during your search for a business location, from accessibility and parking availability to licensing requirements and the zoning laws of the city you choose. Moreover, the building itself must be well-adapted to the services you’re aiming to provide, with plenty of room for play areas, classrooms, and a kitchen. 

Step 4: Obtaining the requisite licensing and permits.

Before you think about opening the doors of your daycare business, you’ll need to undergo the process of acquiring licensing. Depending on the specific standards of the state, the application and inspection process can take some time. Additionally, once you receive your license, you’ll need to continue to undergo regular inspections to renew it.

Step 5: Hiring staff members.

Your staff will form the heart and soul of your daycare business, making this step incredibly important. Regular teacher turnover can be a real turnoff for parents, so you’ll want to find staff members who are ready to partner with you long-term. You’ll also need to keep the state-required teacher-to-child ratio in mind, and you may need to have background checks conducted.

Step 6: Marketing your daycare center.

You’ll want to spread the word about your child care center through multiple channels. In this day and age, an SEO-optimized website is a must, as are business pages on various social media platforms. Implementing a more traditional campaign within your local community and advertising through local events and businesses is also key.

How Discovery Point can Help You Start a Daycare Business

At Discovery Point, we have over two decades of experience in child care and have successfully opened 47 daycare businesses through our franchise locations. You can leverage our expertise to avoid issues with opening a daycare center and ensure you can hit the ground running from your first day of business.

Here are just a few of the ways we make it easier for franchisees to start a daycare business:

  • We take charge of the licensing process. We are well-versed in the licensing requirements of many states and can help fast-track this process.
  • We have a time-tested business model. You won’t have to worry about the nuances of your business plan as a franchisee. You can simply use the business model we have perfected over the years and has proven time and again to be successful. Additionally, our franchise packages come with all necessary equipment included, helping you avoid surprise costs.
  • We assist with site selection and center construction. We know exactly what factors go into choosing the perfect location for a child care center. We’ll oversee the process of construction to ensure our locations are built to exacting standards.
  • We have an experienced marketing team. Our comprehensive approach to marketing will give your business a head start and generate excitement within your local area prior to enrollment. We also position our franchise locations for success through use of our professional marketing materials, customized local websites, and partnerships with third-party vendors. 

Learn more about how Discovery Point makes it easier to start a successful daycare business. Contact our team at 770-623-1140 to ask about our franchising opportunities!