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November 14, 2019
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The Importance of Passion with a Child Care Business

Ask any entrepreneur and they’ll tell you how important it is to have passion as a business owner. And that’s particularly true for anyone who owns a child care business. Whether you own a franchised daycare center or operate an independent child care facility, passion is the fuel that keeps your business going.

At Discovery Point, this is something we keenly understand. When we speak with prospective franchisees, passion is one of the most important qualities we seek. Thanks to our unique franchise model, we don’t require potential franchisees to have a specific set of skills to start a child care business. Instead, we help them develop these skills through a four-week training program, while also providing a turnkey business model.

As a result, the best franchisees are distinguished by their intangible qualities. And with our experience in the child care sector, we know that few intangibles matter more than passion. And here’s why.

Why Passion Matters with a Child Care Business

It’s What Kickstarts Each Workday

Operating a child care business requires day in and day out commitment. And that level of commitment is near impossible to sustain if you’re not passionate about what you do.

When entrepreneurs care about their work—when they believe in the product or service offered by their company—that changes how they approach their day and the work they are undertaking. It’s not just that these business owners enjoy their work —they feel compelled to pursue it.

This can save entrepreneurs an untold amount of mental and physical energy. Simply think of how much work the average person puts into motivating themselves for an unpleasant task. Then, think of how much easier it is to motivate yourself for something you care about. So if you’re innately passionate about helping children, running a child care business is “easier” for you from the outset.

It’s What Gives You Endurance

Most business owners work well in excess of the standard 40-hour workweek. And that’s only for the average week. When big projects or troublesome periods pop up, those hours can stretch even longer. 

Meanwhile, entrepreneurs in the middle of starting or developing new business ventures face especially daunting workloads. Many of them face 50+ and 60+ hour weeks at a time when they’re still finding their footing.

It’s not uncommon for business owners to stumble under this kind of workload. Without a strong sense of purpose and vision, these stressful periods can last longer and become more difficult to work through. Compare this to passionate business owners, who are driven to pursue their goals, even when feeling overwhelmed. They have a built-in desire to push through the obstacles and the stress — their passion provides their fuel and their focus.

It’s What Sparks Your Best Work

To run a successful child care business, you need to be performing at the top of your professional game. The margin for error is simply too small, the stakes are too high, and the market is too competitive for you to bring your “B-game.”

It should come as no surprise that most people perform their best work when they are passionate about that work. The more you care about your business and the way it impacts people, the better you’ll perform on a day-to-day basis.

That’s something we’ve seen time and time again in the child care sector. Given the profit potential that a child care center can offer, some entrepreneurs enter the field with a narrow focus on the bottom line. When they’re confronted with the day-to-day reality of caring for children, they simply aren’t interested enough to deliver the quality of care that children need and, more importantly, deserve. Ironically, they end up squandering the financial potential of their center as a result.

Meanwhile, we see other entrepreneurs start child care centers with the right priorities. These entrepreneurs care deeply about a child’s welfare and development. As a result, they are driven to do whatever it takes to provide a safe, fun, and engaging learning environment. This commitment shows — attracting parents who sense that passion and recognize the benefit it will have for their children.

It should come as no surprise that many of these types of passionate entrepreneurs are Discovery Point franchisees. While a number of our franchisees came to Discovery Point with limited knowledge or experience within the child care industry, their passion is clear from the start. And thanks to Discovery Point’s turnkey franchise model, these franchisees not only have the opportunity to achieve financial success—they get to enrich the lives of countless children in the process.

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