Discovery Point Blog

April 18, 2023

Open a Daycare Business in 10 Easy Steps

If your dream is to open a daycare business that offers high-quality services for your local community, you may be thrilled to learn you can partner with a trusted franchise brand and get your business open in ten simple steps. At Discovery Point, we have already paved the way to success in the child care industry through decades of in-depth experience. 

With franchise locations open across the southeastern United States, we have built a reputable brand that both parents and children know and love. In turn, we help enthusiastic entrepreneurs like yourself open daycare businesses with the full support they need to maintain confidence and thrive in their business ventures.

The Road to Daycare Business Ownership with Discovery Point

One of the many exciting aspects of working with Discovery Point is that we make the road to business ownership straightforward. Our experienced team knows how to help you sidestep common hurdles and get your business open with ease. Below are the ten easy steps to starting a Discovery Point daycare business.

1. Fill out an inquiry form online.

The first step in your journey is to reach out for more information about our franchise. You can complete this simple step by filling out a quick form. We will then get back to you with details about our franchise opportunities.

2. Take part in an introductory call. 

Next, you’ll speak with our team over the phone as part of a brief introductory phone call. During this conversation, we will work to answer your general questions about becoming a franchisee. We will also learn more about your goals and circumstances to determine whether we should take the next step toward a business partnership together.

3. Complete a franchise application and review the FDD.

Following the introductory phone call, we will provide you with a franchising application to fill out and will also conduct a thorough background check. Additionally, you will receive our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). It is always important to carefully review this type of document and note down any questions you have about the information it contains.

4. Attend a Discovery Day.

You’ll then schedule and attend a Discovery Day, which is a day-long event intended to provide an up-close-and-personal look at our franchise brand. You will meet our corporate team whom you would be working with as a franchisee, visit Discovery Point centers in the area, and have plenty of time to ask questions. The goal of the Discovery Day is to make sure you have access to all the information you need to make the best decision about moving forward with the franchise agreement.

5. Execute the Franchise Agreement.

If we agree you are a good fit for our brand, we will award you a franchise and execute the official Franchise Agreement. At this time, you will also pay the initial franchise fee.

6. Secure financing for your daycare business.

Once you have completed the franchise agreement, you can move on to acquiring financing for your daycare business by partnering with a lender.

7. Select a site with our assistance.

With financing secured, you can look forward to working with us to select the perfect site for your center. As our franchise packages are also real estate opportunities, you will have the benefit of owning the property and the building where your Discovery Point business operates.

8. Watch as your center is constructed.

We will oversee every aspect of the construction of your center to ensure it is built to our exacting standards. You won’t have to manage the construction process, our team manages this for you so you can concentrate on preparing to run your center. We will also help you complete the licensing process as required by your state.

9. Participate in new-owner training.

Our training program for new owners lasts four weeks and includes both in-classroom and on-site instruction. You will have the chance to experience the interaction between staff members, children, and parents in a real Discovery Point location, build your knowledge of marketing and advertising, and become a pro at staff scheduling. We will also take the time to train your center’s lead teachers and provide instruction in the use of our proprietary curriculum.

10. Celebrate your grand opening.

Our corporate support team will be in attendance at the grand opening of your center to celebrate your accomplishment and help ensure everything is running as smoothly as possible. Even beyond opening day, we will support you and your daycare business through regular quality assurance visits, marketing assistance, and help with ongoing operations.

Are you ready to take the first step toward opening a daycare business with Discovery Point? Simply contact our team at 770-623-1140 to learn more!