Discovery Point Blog

November 30, 2022

Learn About Our Day Care Business Opportunity

Are you looking for a day care business opportunity that equips you to become a successful business owner and trusted resource for families in your local community? 

At Discovery Point, we believe that success in the child care industry goes beyond profits. We want to make sure our franchisees reap the rewards of giving back to their local communities and experience the joy of helping young children learn and grow. 

Our day care business opportunities provide franchisees with the tools and resources they need to build their businesses from the ground up and enjoy smooth, successful operations from day one. 

How to Take Advantage of Our Day Care Business Opportunities

Becoming a franchisee is a streamlined process with Discovery Point. It all starts with filling out an inquiry form online, followed by a short introductory call with our team. These initial steps help make sure your general questions are answered. You will also be able to learn the basics of our franchise model before getting into the finer details. 

Should you choose to move forward at this point, you can complete your application followed by a background check. Then, we’ll provide you with the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to review.

Candidates who appear to be a good fit for our brand will be invited to a Discovery Day. This event is held to give potential franchisees an up-close look at our brand through visits to area centers and meetings with our corporate support team and current members of our franchise network. The only step left after your Discovery Day is finalizing the franchise agreement and paying the initial franchise fee.

Our Day Care Business Opportunities Come With Well-Rounded Support

When you’ve purchased a Discovery Point franchise, you won’t have to worry about trying to navigate the steps to your grand opening on your own. Our experienced team will be with you at every turn to make certain your center is fully prepared for success the minute you open your doors. It all begins with the site selection process, in which we’ll work together to find the very best location for your child care center and the real estate investment that factors into this decision. 

Once the perfect site has been found, we’ll take all of the stress out of the construction process, from obtaining necessary permits to recruiting the right contractor for the job. Most importantly, we’ll oversee the project from beginning to end, resulting in a beautiful new building that’s ready for use. Plus, since our day care business opportunities come with a start-up package including everything from playground equipment to schedules and menus, you won’t have to worry about these nitty-gritty details and can instead focus on the big picture of getting your child care center up and running. 

As the building for your new child care center is being completed, you’ll undergo our in-depth training program to become familiar with your new role. This four-week program will teach you all you need to know about:

  • Adhering to state regulations
  • Implementing effective marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Daily business operations including staffing and payroll
  • Oversite of state and federal programs including State Funded PreK

We’ll also provide training for your management staff and lead teachers, including training on the use of our proprietary curriculum

How We Help Franchisees Beyond Opening Day 

You’ll benefit immensely from our operational support during the start-up process all the way to your grand opening. However, the support that we offer doesn’t end on this big day. We invest in our franchisees’ ongoing success through continuous assistance from our operations staff. 

You can look forward to regularly scheduled quality assurance visits, monthly phone calls, further training opportunities, and consultations on staff issues. Plus, we’ll assist you with initiating the accreditation program unique to your state, so you can get on your way to becoming an accredited child care provider. 
You can hear more about our day care business opportunities today! Reach out to Discovery Point at 770-623-1140 for details about the simple steps to becoming a franchisee and enjoying business success in this rewarding industry.