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November 4, 2021
daycare franchise owner

Our Daycare Franchise: We Want to Learn About You

Your path to becoming a daycare franchise owner is a step-by-step process. One of the earliest steps you’ll take is an initial phone interview with the franchisor. 

At Discovery Point, we use a 10-step process that leads to business ownership. The second step in this process is an introductory call with our franchise team. During this call, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about our daycare franchise. 

However, this isn’t the only goal of the conversation. We also want to gather specific information about you to ensure you’re the right fit for the Discovery Point family.

Whether you have an upcoming call with our daycare franchise or another franchise in the industry, it is important to prepare by considering the questions you may be asked. Below, we take a deep dive into specific questions a franchisor may ask you and the insights you can reveal through your answers.

What are your personal and professional goals?

One of the main reasons you’re looking to purchase a franchise is likely to fulfill the personal and professional goals you have set for yourself. As you detail these goals, consider whether they are compatible with the aims of the franchisor. 

For example, some entrepreneurs seek out franchise opportunities because they want to “buy a job” or pass a business on to their families at some point. Others have specific goals to build up a single franchise unit or acquire multiple units over time. Knowing exactly what your goals are and how they will translate to your success will help both you and the franchisor evaluate the potential relationship.

Why are you choosing this industry in particular?

With so many franchising options out there, the sector you select says a lot about who you are as a person, including your values and how you want to spend your time. The franchisor will likely want to know whether you possess a longstanding passion for this industry, are well-suited to its demands, or have prior experience in the field. 

At Discovery Point, we value candidates who display a passion for child care that equals our own. Our experience has shown us that this desire to work in the industry is a key ingredient to long-term success.

How do you plan on building a customer base?

Comprehensive marketing support is available for Discovery Point daycare franchise owners. However, it is still important for franchisees to be fully committed to their marketing campaigns. Only through relentless activities like making connections with community members, supporting local causes, and spending on advertising can you grow your business to its full potential. 

Showing you have networking abilities and the drive to market your business, as well as unique insight into the needs of customers in your territory, is crucial for presenting yourself in the best light.

How will you finance your franchise purchase?

It’s a well-known fact that profits in the early years of a startup can be slim, which means access to cash reserves is essential. A bit of wiggle room will help give your business time to grow and also avoid any disruptions in your personal life. 

This is why you should expect the franchisor to inquire about your liquidity and net worth and be prepared to explain how you will keep yourself afloat prior to having a steady income stream. 

Why do you believe our brand is right for you?

The franchise brand you choose should be an ideal fit for your values. Every company has its own culture and value system, and it can only uphold these standards if all of its members are in agreement. 

Success in franchising requires a healthy relationship between franchisee and franchisor. Being upfront about why you’ve chosen to pursue this brand specifically can clarify whether you’ll be satisfied working according to their structures for the long run. 

Do you have any ideas for a daycare franchise in your local area?

The best franchisors are open to input from the get-go. At Discovery Point, we allow our center owners to customize their daycare franchises to local needs. As a result, we are always interested in hearing how candidates envision their centers operating within their communities

From special enrollment for children in foster care to support for those with disabilities to on-site farm-to-table gardens, we believe unique, community-oriented ideas leverage the impact our daycare franchise locations can have. 

Are you ready to tell us why our daycare franchise opportunities may be right for you? We’re all ears! Get the conversation going today by calling the Discovery Point team at 770-623-1140.