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October 16, 2019
Education Franchise

Our Education Franchise Opportunities Allow You to Spread Your Wings

When you purchase an education franchise, one of the main benefits is that you’re getting a proven system. When you choose a Discovery Point franchise, you’ll be able to take advantage of our established system, while being able to customize and make your location a unique expression of what is important to you.

Why Our Education Franchise Opportunities are In Demand

One of the reasons entrepreneurs look to franchising, in general, is because it allows them to take advantage of the benefits of business ownership, without the stress of having to start a business completely from scratch. Buying into a franchise concept allows you to build upon the structure, experience, and knowledge of the franchisor and other franchisees who have come before you.

This foundation provides access to a variety of support structures that allow franchisees to hit the ground running, ramping up for success far faster than if they were starting out on their own. These benefits often include training, site selection assistance, back-office systems, marketing plans, and access to approved vendors. The franchisor provides the framework for business and allows you to build off that framework provided you stay within the boundaries and guidelines they set.

Unfortunately, for some entrepreneurs, these boundaries and guidelines can begin to feel too restrictive. Some franchise owners may not realize the restrictions that they are signing on to when they buy into their franchise system.

At Discovery Point, we know that as an entrepreneur you have a strong desire to put your passions and interests into play. It’s why we combine both the framework of the traditional franchise with the ability for you to customize your individual location, spread your wings, and put in place the unique and creative ideas that inspire you! It’s one of the main reasons why our educational child care franchise opportunities are in such high demand.

How Our Turnkey Model Incorporates Customization Opportunities

In the education sector, both franchisees and franchisors tend to favor turnkey solutions. That’s easy enough to understand when you consider the complexities of running an education franchise. Between offering a solid curriculum, developing a functional facility, and navigating licensing, turnkey solutions make things a lot easier for new franchisees.

Let’s take a look at how Discovery Point combines the ease of the turnkey model with the ability for you to customize your franchise to your passions.


As we discussed in a previous post, the chosen curriculum is a critical feature of education centers. With a fun, engaging, and evidence-based curriculum, you can distinguish yourself from your competitors. Without one, many parents may hesitate before enrolling their child at your center.

Developing an effective curriculum takes an extraordinary amount of time, skill, and experience. Even if you’re choosing between third-party options — by far the most popular route for independent centers — you still need a solid understanding of what to look for in an effective curriculum.

At Discovery Point, we solve this problem by providing franchisees with a tried and tested curriculum. Our education franchise curriculum includes our own proprietary Discovery Point Connections® curriculum, plus the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum® by Teaching Strategies. You’ll have a solid foundation on which to build your day-to-day teaching lessons, while still being able to incorporate unique features that speak to your local community and the topics that excite you, your teachers, students, and parents.


Education centers are complex facilities, with a wide range of different areas and equipment. In a typical childcare center, you’re looking at activity and learning areas, a quiet room for nap time, a fully stocked cafeteria, restrooms, administrative offices, an outdoor playground, and more.

And before you can build or develop any of these features, you’ll need to acquire a site. That means finding a location with the right zoning, sufficient square footage, easy access for parents, and other key features, all at a comfortable price.

Once again, it’s helpful to have a franchise system, like Discovery Point, that helps manage and guide you through this step of the process. The less support you have in developing your facility, the more time it will take, and the more prone you will be to make mistakes. 

With a turnkey education franchise like Discovery Point, we can help you find the right site and develop it to high standards. We provide start-to-finish support with center development, offering comprehensive assistance with site selection, center construction, and facility outfitting. We even allow you to customize your site to meet the unique needs of your community.


If you’re starting an education center, the last thing you need is a licensing complication. If you fail to acquire the right licensing on time, or if you lose licensing due to substandard performance, the results can be deeply damaging to your business.

Without licensing assistance from your franchisor, you’ll need to navigate licensing standards by yourself, which may require hiring a third-party consultant. Things can get a lot more complicated if the franchisor you choose provides some licensing support but that support proves incomplete or inadequate.

Many franchisors provide new owners with extensive support and guidance on licensing. And with a truly turnkey franchise, you’ll receive ongoing assistance with licensing compliance, helping you avoid the possibility of future licensing complications. At Discovery Point, franchisees receive extensive training and education to help them become fully licensed. We also provide ongoing assistance with licensing compliance for all franchise locations.

Opening an Education Franchise with Discovery Point

All of this combines to make Discovery Point an ideal fit for franchisees entering the childcare sector who have a passion for education and a desire for a creative outlet — as well as a thriving business. By offering a proven system that covers everything from A to Z — from cribs to curriculum… from puzzles to printers — we provide a low barrier of entry to owning an education franchise. 

All we need is for you to have the energy, passion, and vision that franchise ownership demands. We’ll help you get started and support you along the way as you put new, exciting ideas in place at your very own center!

Call 770-623-1140 today to learn more about Discovery Point and how you can spread your wings with one of our education franchise opportunities.