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October 28, 2020
preschool franchise focus on nutrition

Our Preschool Franchise’s Focus on Health & Nutrition

At Discovery Point, we take a comprehensive approach to child care that includes a focus on childhood health and nutrition. We help lay a solid foundation for lifelong health by providing nutritious meals and snacks for students while also teaching them about the importance of an active, healthy lifestyle. In addition, our preschool franchise takes explicit measures to ensure our centers adhere to strict health and safety standards.

Nourishing Growing Minds and Bodies

It all begins in the commercial kitchens of our individual preschool franchise locations. Here, we prepare meals and snacks that are not only USDA-approved, but also appeal to young appetites. 

Then, we serve these menus in a casual atmosphere where children can feel free to be social. Our mealtimes offer students a chance to bond with their peers, work on their fine motor skills, and enjoy the delicious flavors of healthy foods.

We believe a healthy relationship with nutritious foods and good eating habits are crucial to a life of happiness and general well-being. We strive to lead by example as we introduce children to foods that will help them grow strong and give them the energy they need to learn. We also incorporate nutritional education into our everyday curriculum.

Some of our franchisees even go above and beyond simply preparing and serving healthy foods — they grow fruits and vegetables on-site. Maintaining a child-friendly garden educates students about farm-to-table sustainability and gives them the opportunity to take a hands-on approach to their own diet.

Understanding Allergies and Special Dietary Needs

As part of our whole-child approach to care, we understand the dietary needs of individual students may vary. Some have specific dietary concerns, and others have food-related allergies and require strict supervision at mealtimes. 

Our kitchens can accommodate any and all dietary restrictions and allergies to provide the very best nutrition for each child. Plus, our centers post their menus on a daily basis to inform families as to what their children will be served that day.

Our preschool franchise also works with a computer operating system that stores important details relevant to each student’s health. From medical data and immunization records to food allergies, all of this crucial information is in one place and easy to find to support the health of our individual students.

Reinforcing an Active Lifestyle

A healthy diet is only one component of a healthy lifestyle. Another is physical activity. 

We realize just how important it is for children to remain active throughout the day. That’s why our Discovery Point Connections® curriculum and the Creative Curriculum® from Teaching Strategies® both include plenty of physical movement and interactive learning opportunities. We also encourage regular outdoor play to get students out into the fresh air and keep their bodies moving.

Maintaining Strict Hygiene and Safety Standards

Our franchisees enforce strict health and safety standards at their centers to provide students with the very best in care. We take the quality and cleanliness of all areas within our child care centers, including our kitchens, extremely seriously. 

All equipment and toys are regularly sanitized, and we enforce other systematic policies to ensure a high level of hygiene. Above all, we understand that a safe and healthy facility is fundamental to high-quality child care.

While our play spaces are age-separate and contain only age-appropriate materials, we realize that accidents can happen. If a child ever becomes sick or injured, we are committed to communicating directly and transparently with their family. As we strive to build relationships with all the families we work with, we lay a solid foundation of trust and respect that ensures parents feel confident when their children are in our hands.

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