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February 4, 2021
daycare franchise owner and staff with award

Our Vision for a Daycare Business

When Cliff and Diane Clark opened their first Discovery Point daycare business in 1988, their ultimate goal was to provide the best child care services possible. Guided by this mission, they built a safe, nurturing environment where children could be educated through inspiring preschool curriculum. 

By creating a space where children received the same individualized attention and supportive care as they would in their own homes, the Clarks established a vision for child care with a lasting impact.

At Discovery Point, we know the very best child care environment is one in which children can learn, play, and grow while following their natural curiosity. This whole-child approach to care is about so much more than academic success. It’s also about giving children the tools they need to make constant progress in all aspects of personhood, from social skills to emotional maturity and intellectual growth, becoming independent and unique individuals in the process.

How Our Daycare Business Grew Into a Successful Franchise

With this vision of child care driving our business from day one, it’s no surprise the first two Discovery Point centers experienced tremendous success. Cliff and Diane’s original plan was to open two centers — one for each of them to run. However, the two centers were so successful that requests from friends and associates to open additional locations followed shortly thereafter as a way to meet the community’s growing demand for high-quality, educational child care. 

At this point, the Clarks realized what an amazing impact their daycare businesses were having on local families. They then decided to bring their vision of child care to neighboring communities and states through the development of a well-constructed franchise model.

Discovery Point now has franchise locations throughout the Southeastern United States. Children in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and North Carolina all have the opportunity to benefit from our unique approach to child care. Our plans to continue expanding our franchise business means our vision of child care will become more and more accessible for families who value early childhood education and learning through play.

Maintaining Our Vision for High-Quality Child Care

We’re not growing our daycare business for growth’s sake. Our focus has always been on providing care that promotes the overall well-being of children, not simply building the most franchise locations. We’re incredibly purposeful in our expansion and only partner with entrepreneurs who share our values and are ready to be hands-on Discovery Point owners. 

By repeating our initial success from location to location, we’re not only bringing better child care to communities that need it. We’re also helping professionals achieve their goal of business ownership and do work that truly makes a difference in the lives of others.

In order to keep the quality of care consistent across all of our franchise locations, we offer comprehensive support for franchise owners. In contrast to many other franchise companies, we guide our franchisees every step of the way as they open and operate their new businesses. 

Our assistance with site selection and construction ensures every Discovery Point center is built according to the specifications we’ve developed over decades of experience in the industry. In addition, we offer expert support with licensing, teacher training, marketing, and more.

Thanks to this turnkey business model, franchisees can get their centers up and running with minimal friction. However, we know the grand opening is just the beginning of their journey as Discovery Point owners. 

Our corporate team continues to provide unparalleled operational support every day to help franchisees maintain the safe, educational, and child-focused environment Discovery Point has built its name on.

Our vision for a daycare business goes above and beyond for both children and franchisees. Are you ready to learn more about the details of our franchise packages? Get in touch with Discovery Point today at 770-623-1140 to determine whether our franchise opportunities are the right fit for you.