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August 14, 2019
preschool franchise

‘Do I Need Experience to Own a Preschool Franchise?’

If you’re thinking about buying a preschool franchise, you might be worried about your background in the child care industry — or your complete lack thereof. 

Many franchisees come to the preschool sector unsure if they need experience or not. Each time they research a new franchise brand, they end up asking: “Does my background qualify me for this opportunity?”

And when they learn that the answer depends on the brand, the question changes. It then becomes: “Which preschool franchise is the best fit for someone with my level of experience?”

Below, we’ll talk a bit about why certain preschool brands expect a background in child care, and why some don’t. We’ll also go over how Discovery Point® handles this question, and why experience isn’t our number one priority.

Finally, we’ll discuss why we’re such a great fit for entrepreneurs of all experience levels, including those with decades of child care experience, as well as those without a background in the industry.

Different Preschool Franchises, Different Requirements

When it comes to preschool franchises, different brands expect different levels of experience. 

Some franchisors prefer to recruit franchisees with multiple years’ experience in the preschool industry. What’s more, the brands who give preference to these candidates will do so for different reasons.

Some brands seek out experience because new franchisees will know what to expect. When experienced candidates buy a preschool franchise, they go into the business with their eyes wide open. They already know what day-to-day operations will be like. This means a lower risk of dissatisfaction and burnout.

Other brands target experienced candidates simply because they’re easier to train. Some of these brands are fairly new to franchising and don’t have a robust training program in place. Others just want to avoid spending money on franchisee education. These brands are confident in their ability to find and recruit franchisees who already know the industry. And those franchisees naturally require less training.

Meanwhile, a number of brands require limited or no experience in the preschool sector. They might expect a business management background. Or they might target candidates with specific skills and traits. But they don’t specifically require a background in child care.

These brands tend to have rigorous training and support systems in place for new owners. Training programs often last for multiple weeks. Franchisees receive comprehensive licensing assistance. And as each owner develops their franchise, they receive continuous guidance from brand directors.

They also tend to use turnkey business models. Key features — like facility design, back-office systems, and preschool curriculum — are already in place for new owners to use. The more turnkey a brand makes its business model, the easier it is to develop a preschool franchise without prior experience.

Discovery Point Preschool Franchise: No Previous Child Care Experience Required

Other preschool brands might expect franchisees to have a background in child care. But that’s not the case at Discovery Point. If you’re looking to own a preschool franchise, but you’re new to the industry, we offer an ideal fit.

With Discovery Point, you’ll learn everything you need to develop and operate your preschool franchise. Our training program involves four weeks of classroom instruction, covering everything from business operations to licensing to marketing.

After you’ve completed your training, you’ll enjoy continuous support from our corporate directors. Our operations support staff bring more than 100 combined years of industry experience to the table, helping you navigate the ins and outs of running a preschool franchise.

Furthermore, we offer a turnkey preschool franchise opportunity that few other brands — if any — can match. Our turnkey approach includes expert guidance for real estate selection and financing, full-service management of center construction, and our proprietary Discovery Point Connections® curriculum for use in your center’s classrooms once it’s up and running.

Under this model, practically every aspect of center development is covered. That simplifies things for our franchisees, who can focus on the day-to-day operations of their preschool franchise.

This makes us a great fit for franchisees with limited or minimal experience in child care. It’s also made us a top pick for entrepreneurs with strong prior experience in the preschool sector.

These franchisees might not need a turnkey business model. But they know how valuable turnkey resources can be to a preschool franchise — especially when those resources come from a brand like Discovery Point.

Learn more about our preschool franchise opportunities today by calling Discovery Point at (770) 623-1140!