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February 19, 2018

So You’re Thinking About Becoming a Childcare Franchise Owner?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably done some research into the childcare and daycare industry – and franchising, in general.

You’ve probably spent some time typing phrases like these into an internet search:

How to Open a Daycare

Daycare Business

Education Franchise

Child Care Franchise

Daycare Franchise

Preschool FranchisePreschool Franchise Opportunities

Working With Kids

Look familiar?

Childcare is a $47.8 billion a year industry… and it’s growing! No wonder you’re looking into more. It is truly a sought-after business opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners.

If you’re looking to transition into a career in childcare franchise ownership, then you’ve come to the right place. Discovery Point is a leading education-based childcare franchise founded in 1988 with a turnkey business model, real estate investment opportunity, and nationally recognized curriculum, as well as corporate training and ongoing operational and marketing support.

Our mission is to provide the best education childcare possible. And we’re thankful to you for reading this far, as you seek to learn more about us.

Throughout the years, our business has succeeded due to our approach to franchising. Our support is unlike most others in the childcare industry and is truly motivated by a desire for our business owners to meet with success in their local market.

Many join Discovery Point not just as business owners looking to profit, but as people wanting to give back to the community while doing so. The demand for quality child care services is growing, making it a recession-resistant, stable franchise industry that Discovery Point franchisees can excel in.

As part of a respected and preferred brand, our franchisees benefit from enormous resources and support, as well as marketing guidance and local brand recognition. You can thrive in your community and serve as a source of positivity. We believe Discovery Point is an exceptional opportunity to fulfill your dreams of owning your own business—and we provide the help and support you need to succeed.

So the question is, how long do you want to keep searching? Are you ready to find the childcare franchise that’s right for you? At Discovery Point, we’re ready to fulfill your dreams of owning a personally and professionally satisfying business. Click HERE to contact us today!