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December 21, 2021
Owner Testimonial

Staffing Your Child Care Business

In the current labor market, businesses from all sectors need to go above and beyond to attract and retain high-quality employees. If you’re considering opening a child care business, you may be wondering how you will overcome the hiring issues facing the workforce in order to build a team that helps your business thrive. 

As a new business owner, you’ll have a lot on your plate – from taking care of necessary licensing requirements to marketing for optimal enrollment and staffing your business with talent who will stick around. However, if you partner with an experienced franchisor like Discovery Point, you can have confidence in your ability to succeed in every one of these challenges. 

With over thirty years of experience in the child care industry, we’ve acquired an up-close look at just how important it is to hire the right team members and help them establish a solid career trajectory. To support our franchisees with getting a head start on all aspects of their child care business, including staffing, we offer extensive resources and guidance that enable them to focus on building a Discovery Point family that is just right for the needs and culture of their center.

Interested in learning more about how we make recruiting, hiring, and retaining talent less of a struggle and more of a success for our franchisees? Explore some of the many forms of staffing assistance we offer below.

Initial & Ongoing Staffing Support for Your Child Care Business

Ahead of a center’s grand opening, the corporate team at Discovery Point works with initial staff hires to help prepare them for their roles. This in-depth training covers:

  • Classroom management strategies
  • State and local licensing regulations
  • The use of business software like Procare
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • And more

By the end of this training period, franchisees can expect their initial staff hires to be ready to get their child care business up and running. 

While this initial training conducted by our corporate team is thorough, we believe it’s just as important to ensure franchisees know how to manage and train their team themselves. As part of our four-week training program for new owners, we help franchisees learn how to manage staff and deal with any issues that may arise over time. 

Furthermore, our team is always available to offer staffing guidance well beyond opening day. Our main goal is for franchisees to be successful in running their child care businesses, and we know maintaining a solid team is essential to that success.

A Cutting-Edge Approach to Recruiting

After recognizing that the conventional approach to hiring was not serving some of our centers in the most effective ways, Discovery Point sought out a solution that would enable our franchisees to continue to thrive no matter the state of the labor market. Our in-depth research into possible solutions led us to partner with CareerPlug, a trusted vendor used by over 160 franchise brands to make the right hires, time and again.

Discovery Point has developed and provides unique CareerPlug pages to franchisees at no additional cost. Rather than taking a passive approach to recruitment in which the responsibility is on the job seeker to find potential openings, centers can list and promote their available jobs easily and efficiently. 

To make franchisees’ hiring efforts even more seamless, CareerPlug includes a hiring workflow, job templates, configured hiring process for easy applicant evaluation, and access to a team of customer support specialists. Our centers have experienced incredible success since the implementation of this program, and we are proud to provide this valuable service at no additional cost to all members of our franchise family.

We Make Discovery Point an Ideal Destination for Talent 

While learning how to manage staff and having the right tools to recruit the best talent is a huge step in the right direction, a positive workplace culture is the main thing that will attract the right candidates to your center and enable them to grow alongside your childcare business. 

We encourage our center owners to make their businesses a destination where high-quality candidates are eager to work for the long run. While work in the childcare industry is incredibly rewarding, it can also be quite demanding. We always emphasize the importance of prioritizing the needs of staff members and going the extra mile to make their workplace a space where they feel their skills and opinions are valued. 

For example, we give franchisees ideas for regularly inviting and listening to employee feedback, recognizing a job well done, and taking prompt action to resolve issues. In addition to these less tangible aspects of promoting a positive workplace culture, we also suggest more concrete steps to minimize turnover and improve staff retainment, including offering solid benefits packages, perks beyond pay bonuses, and fun team-building events such as catered lunches and massage therapy sessions. In combination, these small steps will go a long way in making your child care business one in which you can build a trusted team that can achieve their own professional goals while helping your business succeed.

Learn more about how we can help you staff and run a successful child care business. Call Discovery Point today at 770-623-1140 to speak with our franchising team.