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December 1, 2021

5 Characteristics of a Top Child Care Franchise

Finding a top child care franchise to purchase is all about finding a franchise that instills trust in parents and helps the next generation thrive. Whether you’re a first-time business owner or an entrepreneur with decades of experience, it’s important to consider how the franchise looks in the eyes of the consumer. That way, you can ensure you’re choosing a top child care franchise that will help you achieve your business aims by helping families in your local area.

Understanding How to Identify a Top Child Care Franchise

At Discovery Point, we have been providing child care services that make a difference in the lives of parents and children for over 30 years. Time and again, we’ve seen that parents are always on the lookout for a specific set of criteria as they consider which child care center to care for their children.

Below, we’ve listed some of these essential qualities so potential franchise owners can make certain any child care business they invest in falls into the category of a leading child care franchise.

1. Adherence to Strict Safety Standards

The very first thing a parent will seek out when considering enrolling their child in daycare is the center’s adherence to strict standards of safety and security. Most will ask to take a tour of the facility to get an up-close look at the center’s daily practices in these areas. 

As the potential owner of a child care franchise, you’ll also want to look into the health and safety standards set by various franchises. For example, top child care franchises ensure their buildings have limited access through a single front door locked with a keypad. They also conduct visitor ID screenings, provide age-separate play areas, and follow their local and state health guidelines on issues like COVID-19. 

2. A Focus On Education

High-quality child care centers do so much more than keep children safe. In fact, the very best child care companies integrate learning into nearly every part of the day for every age group. 

These franchises have custom-designed curriculum that brings new concepts to life and gives children the chance to hone their skills through plenty of guided practice. Rather than purchasing a franchise that does the bare minimum, consider investing in a top child care franchise whose curriculum fosters a natural love for learning. When you choose Discovery Point, you’ll enjoy the use of our extensive proprietary curriculum at no additional cost.

3. An Understanding of the Value of Play

Fun and play aren’t separate from learning, something the top child care franchises know incredibly well. Child care centers whose students make regular progress in their skill development and academic knowledge actually encourage learning through play. This means they have playgrounds on-site and plenty of opportunities for fun activities and interactions. 

While most parents are hoping their child’s learning and growth will be fostered at their child care center of choice, they also want their child to have fun. Otherwise, getting them up and ready each morning could be a real pain. That’s why parents know the best child care centers are bright, cheery spaces where children can be heard laughing, singing, and interacting all day long.

4. Low Child-to-Teacher Ratios

Appropriately sized classes are crucial to children’s development, as low child-to-teacher ratios allow each child to receive attention, guidance, and individualized learning strategies. While some child care brands attempt to boost their bottom line by filling classrooms to the brim, the top child care franchises understand the importance of small class sizes and are committed to sticking to a low child-to-teacher ratio.

5. An Educational Approach to Nutrition

In this day and age, parents don’t just expect a child care center to feed their children. They want to make certain their children are eating high-quality foods in a clean, hygienic environment. 

They also want their children to begin developing a positive relationship with food early on. Top child care franchises are ready to take on this challenge and incorporate healthy eating into their educational approach. After all, proper nutrition is the key to lasting brainpower! 

Are you looking to purchase a top child care franchise whose focus on safety, education, play, nutrition, and individualized care is undoubtable? Get in touch with the franchising team at Discovery Point today to learn more about how we fulfill these essential criteria. Just call 770-623-1140 for details.