Discovery Point Blog

April 28, 2020

What Makes Our Franchise Group Special

If you’re looking to invest in a franchise, you likely want to find one that sparks your sense of passion, one you can view as more than just a day job. At Discovery Point, our franchisees make up a network of like-minded individuals who want to do more than just operate a successful business. They also hope to make a positive impact on members of their community by offering high-quality, educational child care families can trust. In turn, their child care centers are a space where children feel welcome and are encouraged to thrive as they learn, grow, and develop as individuals.

For potential business owners who want to invest in their own future happiness and quality of life, our franchise group is really something special. Read on to learn more about what makes Discovery Point stand out from other franchise offerings.

We Focus On Quality

Families who choose our centers to meet their child care needs do so for one main reason: the quality of our child care. Our focus is on delivering quality, education-focused child care that provides parents with peace of mind. The fact that we’re able to maintain such a highly regarded reputation, while expanding our franchise throughout the southeastern United States, simply shows how much we prioritize this aspect of our business.

In order to ensure a consistent level of quality from center to center, we utilize a turnkey franchise model and offer ongoing business support for our franchisees. We also maintain a rigorous quality assurance program that holds our child care centers accountable to a set of standards that exceed state-level regulations.

We Offer Flexibility

Although we strive to maintain consistency in quality throughout our franchise group, we do allow for plenty of flexibility when it comes to business ownership. We want our franchisees to be able to operate child care centers that reflect their values and enable them to prioritize the causes they feel most passionate about.

Our model also allows for flexibility when it comes to building a work schedule that fits your personal life. Many Discovery Point franchisees work alongside family members at their child care centers and even enroll their own children into their programs.

We Go Above and Beyond

While Discovery Point is indeed a child care franchise, we’re about so much more than child care. In addition to offering a safe and secure space for children to learn and play, we also promote their personal and educational development through the use of exceptional curriculum programs and individualized care.

Our centers provide students with the tools they need to develop a lifelong love of learning, as well as the attention and support they crave. Since we enforce low student-to-teacher ratios, children can benefit from the assistance and supervision of our staff members at all times. Plus, we offer ongoing training for teachers and staff to ensure they are prepared to deliver the level of high-quality care for which our franchise group is known. 

Every Discovery Point franchise has access to our proprietary Discovery Point Connections® curriculum and the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum® suite by Teaching Strategies. Our lesson plans encourage children to engage with new ideas and enable them to combine learning with play, rather than compartmentalizing these two concepts which are critical to growth and development. 

At Discovery Point, we understand that high-quality child care can help children flourish and prepare them to excel in school and in life. By investing in one of our franchise locations, you can maintain confidence that you’re investing in your community, your own quality of life, and in future generations.

Are you ready to learn more about what makes our franchise group so special? Give Discovery Point a call today at 770-623-1140 for details about getting started with one of our franchise opportunities.