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February 17, 2022
best franchise to own

What’s the Best Franchise to Own to Make an Impact on Your Community?

The definition of the best franchise to own is unique and personal. For many business owners, owning a business is about so much more than the income they receive at the end of the day. Those who choose to become business owners are often just as concerned about the positive impact they can have on their community. 

At Discovery Point, we are proud to partner with entrepreneurs who want to leave the world a better place through their business operations. If your ultimate goal is to help local families and promote a sense of community within your neighborhood, you may find that a Discovery Point franchise is the best franchise to own. 

The Best Franchise to Own Focuses On Helping Others

We want our franchisees to experience the financial rewards of business ownership – there’s no question about that. However, we also want them to have the opportunity to benefit from the emotional rewards of helping others. That’s why we’ve built a franchise model in which each location can be tailored to the needs of the community surrounding it. 

Our franchisees create a niche in their local area to provide the kinds of services and forms of support local families require — not only for peace of mind but for their overall well-being. Discovery Point owners always seek to support working parents while instilling their children with the self-confidence, knowledge, and social skills they need to thrive as they learn and grow. It’s this shared mission that makes our franchise one of the best franchises to own. 

How Our Franchisees Work to Make an Impact

Our franchisees are creative individuals from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds. We know each person who joins our franchise family has something special to offer and can leverage their unique experiences to create the ideal space for young learners. 

The result of the creative freedom we offer our franchisees has been astounding. Discovery Point owners have chosen to direct their energy in diverse ways, helping ensure members of their local communities have the resources they need.

Below, we’ve listed some of the many ways our franchisees have identified needs within their community and addressed them at their child care centers. With a better understanding of exactly how our franchisees work to make an impact in specific ways, you’ll see why the best franchise to own is one that allows you to positively contribute to the lives of others.

Farm-to-Table Initiatives

Many Discovery Point centers have small, on-site vegetable gardens that give children hands-on learning opportunities in gardening, horticulture, and nutrition. Children help grow the plants and get to enjoy the fruits of their labor during snack time and meal time. The outcome is a more positive relationship with food and a better understanding of the power of nature and nutrition.

Foster Care Initiatives

Some of our franchisees have seen the unique challenges presented by the foster care system and have made efforts to provide care for these children. These business owners have worked to build relationships with local foster care agencies to help facilitate a more positive placement experience for foster children. By making the transition between foster homes as seamless as possible, they can help make sure children are able to experience the dedicated care they deserve.

Support for Children with Special Needs

Many of our centers put a focus on assisting children with special needs and offering the level of support they require within the context of child care. These initiatives help ensure all students feel included in the activities at the child care center and have their needs catered to during the learning process. 

Community-Oriented Initiatives

Discovery Point owners can also take it upon themselves to host community events and support initiatives originating in the local area. From community luaus to Toys for Tots fundraising drives to field trips that help students explore their own backyard, these events and activities promote a sense of community and instill children with an understanding of what it means to be a good neighbor. 

Because Discovery Point center owners have the opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of others, many of our franchisees believe the best franchise to own is a Discovery Point franchise. If you’d like to learn more about joining our franchise family, simply call 770-623-1140 today for details about the opportunities we offer.