Preschool in Duluth

Discover the Possibilities for Your Child in Our Preschool Curriculum

At Discovery Point Howell Ferry, we offer young learners in Duluth the opportunity to experience growth and development with the help of our carefully constructed preschool curriculum. This program is aimed at children between the ages of two and four and gives them the support and guidance they need to begin building important skills and develop as individuals. Our curriculum is based on solid scientific research in child development theory and provides plenty of opportunities for children to incorporate play into the learning process.

Through this program, our students begin to build skills in the following areas:

  • Critical thinking. At Discovery Point Howell Ferry, we promote cognitive development in the areas of science, math, and health, encouraging students to utilize their problem solving skills.
  • Physical movement. Our fine motor activities and opportunities for outdoor play and movement with music help children embrace their physical capabilities.
  • Emotional development. We promote self-esteem and confidence by supporting children as they grow into unique individuals.
  • Socialization. Our activities incorporate plenty of group work, giving students the chance to bond with their peers as they develop crucial social skills.
  • Literacy. Our selection of children’s literature, storytelling experiences, and writing activities provide students with the tools that they need to develop literacy skills.
  • Language. We focus on using language in music, conversation, and dramatic play so that children can gain a better understanding of how important language is in life.

About Our Preschool Rooms in Duluth

At Discovery Point Howell Ferry, we provide preschoolers with access to their own age-appropriate playground so that they can engage in peer-to-peer play in a fun and safe manner. Our classrooms are divided into “interest areas” and incorporate plenty of opportunities for play and encourage children to focus on one topic at a time as they explore subjects in-depth using a hands-on approach.

kids exploring nature at our preschool in Duluth

Preschool Student Portfolios in Duluth

Since each of our students is unique, we’re prepared to offer individualized learning techniques and adapted curriculum that helps them thrive as they learn and grow. Our teachers and staff members keep an eye on students throughout the day to assess and evaluate their progress. All this information goes into the child’s student portfolio, which is a written documentation of their academic growth and individual achievements.

Allow your child to experience a preschool program that prioritizes learning through play. Call Discovery Point Howell Ferry today at (770) 623-3090 for details or visit our child care center in Duluth for a free tour of our daycare center.

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