Before & After School Programs in Duluth

As a working parent in Duluth, you need a child care solution that you can count on. At Discovery Point Howell Ferry, our before and after school programs enable school-age children to experience nurturing care in a fun environment outside of school hours. We’re proud to offer before and after school programs that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of school agers and give them the opportunity to learn and grow when school’s not in session.

What to Expect from Our Before & After School Programs

You can expect our child care professionals to go above and beyond to help your child feel at home while he or she is at our daycare center. Here are just a few of the things your child can look forward to:

Age-appropriate play and learning. We’ve created these programs with school agers in mind, ensuring that they are the right balance of challenging and fun. We also offer a number of age-appropriate resources, from exciting books to stimulating activities and access to technology.

Secure transportation. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting your child from point A to point B during your work day. Our transportation options serve many public schools in Duluth with buses that have been inspected and approved by the state.

A safe and comfortable facility. Our child care center in Duluth has been designed with safety and security as the focus, but we haven’t discounted comfort, either. From private bathrooms to open floor plans for classrooms and age-separate play spaces, we’ve gone all out to provide our students with an environment that they can enjoy spending time in.

Inspiring School Agers in Duluth

School-age children are given a number of opportunities for growth and socialization during our before and after school programs. Whether they want to participate in group activities, finish up their homework for the day, or relax with a good book, they’ll have the ability to enjoy the hours outside of school while under the experienced supervision of our staff.

kids with teacher at our after school programs in Duluth

We also encourage our students to be the initiators in the learning process, helping them expand their skill base and practice critical thinking. In addition, we offer a nurturing environment where they can engage in self-expression and make choices based on their own personal interests.

For more information about our before and after school programs in Duluth, call Discovery Point Howell Ferry today at (770) 623-3090.

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