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July 16, 2021
Teacher and Children at Discovery Point Child Care in the Harrison Area

Child Care in the Harrison Area

Searching for child care in the Harrison area doesn’t have to be stressful. At Discovery Point Hunter Road, we offer a unique and comprehensive approach. Our programs feature basic care with an educational focus. Keep reading below to learn more about us and how our programs will benefit your child.

Experience All Our Child Care Near Harrison Has to Offer

Our unique child care programs focus on learning new concepts, developing new skills, and having fun. We bring a unique approach to our programs — educational care. In addition to meeting the basic care needs of our students, we also provide quality educational content that will prepare them for their school career. Discovery Point Hunter Road provides everything your little one needs.

Here are the key aspects of our child care:

  • Health and nutrition: Healthy habits can start even at a young age. We encourage healthy eating with our USDA-approved meals and have outdoor play areas for exercise and movement.
  • Creative programs: Encouraging our students to love learning is a focus of our programs. Combining educational lessons with hands-on discovery makes learning more engaging and enjoyable for them.
  • Preschool curriculum: We follow two curriculums in our preschool program. Our Discovery Point Connections® curriculum focuses on language and literacy development. We also use the Creative Curriculum® System to incorporate hands-on activities.
  • Safety and security: Everything about our center was designed with safety in mind. Our classrooms feature childproof electrical outlets, age-appropriate materials, and open layouts.
  • Quality assurance: Ongoing improvement is key for our programs’ success. Quality assurance helps us maintain training and certifications for employees and our safety systems.

Learn More About Discovery Point Hunter Road

Discovery Point Hunter Road remains connected to the community through our local owners and teachers. We are dedicated to providing the best possible care for children in our area. If you are located in Harrison, Ooltewah, or the surrounding area, we hope you will turn to us for your child care needs.

We offer free tours of our center to help you learn more about us. Your tour will include a look at our child-friendly classrooms and experiencing first-hand how our programs work. This is also a great time to ask specific questions about our programs and scheduling.

To schedule your tour and to learn more about our child care near Harrison, call us today at (423) 344-4422.