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November 3, 2020
Example of our educational child care program in Ooltewah

How We Offer Educational Child Care in Ooltewah

At Discovery Point Hunter Road, we believe children should be encouraged to embrace their innate sense of wonder. By following their natural curiosity, young learners can make important discoveries that inform their understanding of the world. Our educational child care programs for children in Ooltewah and nearby communities inspire children to take a hands-on approach to the learning process. As a result, early childhood education becomes a fun and memorable experience full of adventure.

About Our Educational Child Care Programs

Our child care center offers a nurturing environment for children where they can safely learn through play and build vital social and cognitive skills. By focusing on their growth and development, we help our students become independent thinkers who love learning.

Important aspects of our educational child care programs include:

  • Maintenance of low student-to-teacher ratios. We ensure each and every child under our care has access to the one-on-one support they crave. Our teachers are fully equipped to create individualized learning techniques and assess students’ progress over time.
  • Use of an inspiring curriculum system. The Creative Curriculum® system from Teaching Strategies® is backed by extensive research in early childhood development. This system offers a hands-on approach to learning that keeps students engaged and encourages them to take the lead in their own education.
  • A focus on early language development. Hearing books aloud sparks children’s imagination and promotes an early love of literature. Our Discovery Point Connections® curriculum emphasizes early language development and literacy with weekly thematic units featuring selections from current children’s literature.
  • An emphasis on movement and physical activity. Our teaching methods include plenty of music and movement to keep children active throughout the day. We also offer opportunities for outdoor play and activities that sharpen fine motor skills.

Tour Our Child Care Facility in Ooltewah

Get to know more about our unique approach to educational child care by taking a tour of our child care center. You’ll have the chance to see our methods in action and meet our passionate staff members.

Children from throughout the following communities are welcome to enroll in our programs:

  • Ooltewah
  • Harrison
  • And the surrounding areas

Give Discovery Point Hunter Road a call today at (423) 344-4422 to hear more about our educational child care programs or schedule a tour. You’re also welcome to stop by our child care center in Ooltewah to speak with us in person.